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I've roasted a wealth of exotic things, All torn to ribbons at the hands of kings. Polished copper how I proudly shone, stealin' the fire of the blazing sun.


When Rarity had been young, she had drunk her tea with at most a pinch of sugar.

Things changed.

My Jinglemas 2018 story for DragonGeek

Pre-reading by Carabas and Aragon. Editing by Pearple Prose.

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Rover digs. Rover lifts heavy stuff. Rover gets yelled at. And on weekend nights, Rover snarls at the world and jumps into the mosh-pit.

Set in the Oversaturated World.

Editing courtesy of FOME

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What would you do if you knew your loved ones were about to make a terrible mistake? What would you sacrifice for them?

Would you die for your family? I would.

And what if it wasn't enough?

Story written for the Springtime Sandbox-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo!, inspired by All the Time in the World by Adda le Blue

Thanks to Norm De Plume for his patience and for editing the story.

Chapters (1)

Jet Set has opinions, and nothing, neither common sense or decency, will stop him from proclaiming them in the court.

After all, he's doing it for the good of Equestria.

An entry for Aragón's Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest.

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This story is a sequel to I Don't Want to Grow Up

Celestia was a filly living on an isolated farm with her sister and harboring dreams of greatness. Chrysalis was a black goo poured out from a screaming wound in the walls of reality, with a weak grasp on the appropriate amount of fangs one should have. Friendship was inevitable.

Image used with permission from miszasta

Editing by the wonderful Carabas and FanOfMostEverything

Pre-reading and suggestions by bloons3

Chapters (21)

For the first time after her return, Princess Luna will be among the audience at a play. Expectations are high, yet everypony forgets a little detail.

Theater has changed.

The Princess? Less so.

Thanks to Aragon and RebelWithoutACause for pre-reading and editing.

An entry into Rage Reviews' 16th F*** this Prompt contest, A character breaks the fourth wall.

Chapters (1)

Family is a complicated thing, it comes with all sorts of expectations, hopes, and unsolicited advice.

It also implies an abundance of drama, this time involving a Changeling Queen, an unlucky messenger and, at least tangentially, a rubber duck.

Cover art used with the permission of the awesome Kp-ShadowSquirrel.

For editing, pre-reading, and enduring me, in no particular order, thanks to: Carabas, Themaskedferret,
MrNumbers, Fenton, FamousLastWords and Aeluna.

Chapters (2)

It had been a long day at the boutique, and Rarity was looking forward to some well-deserved rest. Life, however, had other plans, and brought an unexpected customer with a formidable job at exactly the wrong time.

Refusing would have been the obvious choice, but Rarity sensed there was something more, and she was nothing if not a curious mare.

She wouldn't get her coveted rest, but a story about griffins told over tea seemed fair compensation for it.

Many, many thanks to Ceffyl Dwr for pre-reading and to The Masked Ferret for editing it.

This was an entry for the True Colors Write-Off round, so thanks to all the other authors and reviewers there for helping me polish this story.

Submitted to the Make Rarity Not Garbage Contest.

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Luna's life had been a long and fulfilling one. She had cherished to good and weathered the bad. She had basked in triumph and submitted to defeat.

There had also been a choice she and her sister had made long ago. It had been something dictated by necessity and done for the good of everypony. It had been a painful choice, both for them and for somepony else they hold dear.

With the last sand in her hourglass drizzling down, Luna becomes aware that the time has come for an apology, for forgiveness, or at least, for closure

Thanks to Filler, MonoKeras and Fenton for the pre-reading and editing.

Now with Dramatic Reading by the awesome Razor Reviews

Chapters (1)

There are rules for surviving in the Crystal Empire. Shining Facet knows them well, and only hopes her daughter can learn quickly. After all, they say that things are different now—but sometimes it takes more than flugelhorns and crystal-berries to heal old wounds.

Placed 2nd at the Write-Off round The Morning After

Edited by Dubs Rewatcher

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