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... incredible.

why do you write things that you know will make us cry?

I had a great-grandma who suffered what Velvet's grandpa is. She would keep hitting on my dad and grandpa, wouldn't remember her husband, but would remember everyone else sometimes. I wouldn't go see her too much. Too depressing. The thing is, it wasn't too bad until she broke her hip and was stuck in a wheelchair. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Is this a story about someone having Alzheimer's? One of my grandmother's suffered from that before she died.

I almost didn't read this story, and now that I have, I want to say that I'm glad I did...except I'm not really sure.

My grandmother, whom I have known and loved all of my life, has recently come down with Alzheimer's. I noticed the signs during Christmas vacation, when she would frequently ask me the same questions again and again. Being with her with exhausting, and yet incredibly sad.

My parents are now seeing her daily just to try to keep her comfortable as much as we can, and they recently had to take her car away because she's no longer able to drive safely. Whenever they talk about her, the pain and exhaustion is obvious. Yet the whole thing is incredibly depressing and frightening for us all: I hate to think of the idea that my grandmother may one day not remember who I am, or even who she is or how to take care of herself.

Your depiction of a similar situation struck several chords for me, because it was done so perfectly. I am kind of upset that I wrote this, but also kind of happy I did for reasons I can't quite explain.

All I really want to say is that this is a wonderful story, wonderfully touching. Good work.

Beautifully written story you have here. I know that the focus was on Velvet's grandfather, and his failing memory, but I couldn't help but wonder about her son. Specifically, where's his father? Why is it just the two of them?

I'm sure it will be answered in the newest series you started, but I find myself curious nonetheless. Feeling hyped to find out!

I m grateful, oh so grateful, my grandparents never suffered this... my grandpa Modesto, father of my mom, Died when I was very young, but I remember... seeing him on his bed... and now that I am older, I can feel, throught my memory, his immense strenght, born from the harsh labors of the field, but is immense kindness and often wonder how would have been, to be able to be in a room, with both of my grandparents, to contrast the ways both Modesto and Jesus are....

That was heart wrenching. I had a grandfather that went through something like this.

You know... Im pretty jaded emotionally. its hard to get me to feel sadness... but this story.. it hit me hard.. Same thing like this happened to my grandmother before she passed. Didnt even recognize her own kids.. memory of seeing them would be gone within 5 mins. you know, the longest thing she fixed on when I was at the hospital to visit her, was my tattoos, and thats cause she didnt like em.. and even then it was 15 mins before she forgot i had them when i covered them up. Grandpa is starting to do the same thing too. This was a wonderful story, and I am glad to have read it.


8038230 A recent plot point in Crystal's Hopes is Velvet starting to try and adopt a child. There wouldn't be a father since Velvet was never interested in romantic relationships. This is simply a bit of a time skip.

Wow.. Velvet.. :fluttercry:

This hit hard. Wonderfully-written.

8038281 *Clears throat* Actually, you might want to check out some of Crystal Wishes' latest work...


8038611 I've read that. Point still stands. Besides, (gonna put this in spoiler tags b/c idk who's caught up on "Trials of a Royal Guard", but it was a while back anyway) Velvet mentions she adopted when Silent comes home, and she doesn't have a partner there. Velvet doesn't do romance, just sex, and while she wants a child, she also doesn't want to be pregnant.

Oh, oh man. :pinkiesad2:

Waaaaaahaaaaa! This was so sad...
I love your work. Keep it up!

Oh...oh my. I have experienced dementia and Alzheimer's disease on both my parents side's of our family. Both of my grandmothers and my father's father had progressive cancer and a bit of dementia...its hard seeing these diseases take over until the sad sad end. My mom's spet father passed away from cancer as well...its hard no longer having grandparents...this story snippet was beautiful and yet sad and well I found it was a perfect take on these diseases.

I've only read the description, and already the feels are beginning...

That last bit... oh, that last bit... That hits too close to home.

Just amazing.

I find it a bit staggering that you were able to weave together so many characters and settings within a cohesive plot line so smoothly. None of Velvet's relatives overstayed their welcome, but all of them played their own part just well enough.

By the way, where is Silver Script?

This is reminiscent of In Memory Of.

I don't really feel much emotionally, but this cut deep. Thanks for writing this, it was a...good read.

Beautifully written. Very powerful, and sad.

this was wonderful, it caused me,to,tear up because ive been going through similar with my great granmothers dementia progressing. thank youbfor writing this, in its own way it helps knowing you arent alone with this type of heartbreak

This came out at an interestingly appropriate time. My last grandmother just passed away at 93 years old and couldn't remember me either, my last 2 times visiting were tough. I understand the sentiment of wanting to remember those you love at their best (which in my case, was when my grandma was only in her 70s).

Also, croquembouche. WOW what a dessert! I had to look this one up and instantly wanted some.

The death of the mind is as painful as the death of the body.

Sometimes more so, when your loved one becomes a monument to their own past life and nothing more.

crytal!!! why?? why you make me sad? the summary alone got me that way... xD

actually saw an elderly lady at a nursing home who had this issue... :applecry:

When dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia there are two stages of death. When you loved one's brain is gone, and when your loved one is gone. I take care of my Grandmother who has Alzheimer's right now, and she doesn't even remember her own name half the time. She doesn't remember me, or my sister. She doesn't recognize my Dad now that he's grown up. She doesn't recognize anything. Not even her own house that she has lived in for over 30 years. It's such a hard illness to have, and my thoughts and love go out to anyone else going through the same thing, or similar. Stay strong. :heart:

This was so very beautiful and so very well written. I was tearing up with Velvet at the end. Thank you for sharing this with us. I know it must have been very hard to write. but I hope it helped you as well.


8040015 Maybe he stayed home? this was probably something Velvet would want to do herself.


That's fair. The way the story is written, it doesn't reveal how Another Horizon will progress, and it's perfectly reasonable to never have Velvet or Velour speak of him or think about him in this short segment that we read here. At least I think so.

I mean, if Silver and Velvet do end up together, then it might make sense for her to take him along for emotional support in the very least, but he may have had something important to do elsewhere, or Velvet told him to not go with her for some reason.

And if they don't end up together, then of course he wouldn't be nearly as likely to be mentioned anywhere.

Or maybe they do end up together, but Velvet adopts Velour before that, and this story would take place in the middle of Another Horizon. That seems needlessly complicated though.

Or maybe something totally left field happens. I wouldn't put it past Crystal Wishes. :raritywink:

Oof. Yeah, this is familiar. Wonderfully written, but painfully familiar.

One of the things I'm terrified of and you put it into words.

I hope you and yours are doing well.

Thank you for having the courage to share something this personal with us. It's beautifully written. I have a relative who is currently going through this. This story has helped me to better comprehend what they are going through. Thank you for that.

Is it more painful to see the one you love slowly break apart? Or is it more painful to not see it and regret not being there for their last moments? While I have not experienced either myself, I've known people who have, and they both sound equally painful :(

Veyron #35 · May 3rd · · ·

This hit incredibly close to home as I am currently watching a family member go through dementia, this is super well written and thank you for sharing this with us... wish I had read this sooner.

Crystal, you and your husband are amazing authors. Keep up the good work!

So hey! I was looking through your stories and I thought that this looked interesting, so I took a look at it.

I like it! Velour and Velvet and Bitter Batter feel natural and relatable even with the relatively small number of words you used to introduce and portray them, which went a long way towards making the emotions at play in the concept feel legitimate. And it's a very powerful concept too, which I can imagine a lot of people (including me, to an extent) can relate to.

Your writing is excellent, by-the-way – concise and evocative, just the way I like it.

I think what keeps me from giving this a favourite is the fact that the story was just so straightforward – I'm sad that you didn't take a little more time to develop the characters more than you already have. You set up the relationship and the history that Velvet and Pappy share, for example, but you didn't end up doing much with it besides the callback to Velvet having trouble at school, which I feel like could have been a great avenue for emotional stuff. Also, I didn't really come away feeling like much development had really occurred either, although I guess this is kind of the point, given Bitter Batter's situation.

I dunno. I always feel like a hypocrite when I criticise a one-shot for being barebones, considering that's basically everything I write for the most part, but I feel it particularly strongly here, if only because you introduce quite a few likeable OCs within a short space but don't end up doing much with them. Still, I can't fault a story for doing exactly what it set out to do in a very competent and characterful way, so overall I'd say good job!

Hmm. I think I'll try Crystal's Wishes next, because I'd like to read more of your lovely writing and it seems like a good place to start.

8301115 Aaa, oh, hi ;3;

Thank you very much. I am humbled by your kind words! This is a "special" piece, something I normally don't do because it was born from a spur-of-the-moment feeling of despair. I try to avoid things too close to my heart because of the risk of being too vulnerable with something public.

But your criticism is 100% valid! This doesn't go anywhere. I absolutely acknowledge that. I wasn't trying to go anywhere, for better and for worse. I was alone and had a sudden realization that my grandfather, while alive, is gone. My future children will never know the man I knew. I started to cry, and because I was by myself, this was the only avenue I had to vent that pain. Normally, I'd have kept something so personal to myself, but it's sadly—like you said—a very relatable situation, so I posted it for the sake of others who may need the emotional connection to not feel so alone.

That said, I know my greatest weakness is plot. I would say just about any oneshot I do will be more "explore an established character in some new way" than anything that goes anywhere. And I would like to try to challenge myself to do both at some point, and when I sit down to write something, I'll consider it a success if it can earn your favorite. :>

Thank you for giving this a read, your kind words, and your fair criticism. ^^

Oh gosh. I want to say how relatable this is and complement your emotional vulnerability, but I mostly just want to know how the velvet we all know and love becomes this mature and loving mother.

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