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"The purpose of the first draft is not to get it right but to get it written." -John Dufresne. Please send corrections via PMs. The Blade of Quill & Blade


Every year, Crystal Wishes and Silent Knight have a dream: their foals, friends, and family all gathered under one roof to celebrate Hearth’s Warming together.

Despite their best efforts, something always gets in the way. One year it was an outbreak of pegasus pox, but usually it’s just the fact that everypony has plans already in place, commitments to their own families, and other such unfortunate obligations.

This year, however, their dream is coming true. It just might not necessarily be how they imagined.

Welcome to the 2018 Quill & Blade Hearth's Warming story! This takes place well after the events of the main stories and includes some spoilers. Co-Written with Crystal Wishes.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 42 )

Such a lovely little glimpse into the future!

So cute. Dad Silent is great

Wait for it. Wait for it.


Have I ever mentioned that Anzel is on of my favourite authors? Because Anzel is one of my favourite authors.

Happy Hearth' s Warming Anzel, and a Merry Christmas too.


Silent has a 3rd kid now? The last story in this vague time period he only had 2, I think? And wow, it's been a while since I've seen some of these characters. Miley and Midnight Snow....and Asvoria...? Was that....I'll put this in spoilers even if it's been a while... I don't remember her name exactly, but the blonde mare who died in the final battle of "Trials"..she got reincarnated, right?

In the Hearth's Warming story of last year—which, well, in-universe actually happened on Hearts and Hooves day—Crystal Wishes was pregnant with their third kid. So, yep, that's Cherry.

As for Asvoria Yeah, that's Ferrel.


Oh yeah. I forgot about that detail. I remembered the Hearts and Hooves Day bit because of Dream Pop.

And glad I at least remembered Asvoria correctly.

So Coral has a combination of her dad's dedication and thoroughness combined with her mom's creativity and deviousness.

It's a good thing all indications are that she'll be a loyal citizen of Equestria. Cause otherwise Celestia and Luna would lose their thrones practically as soon as Coral decided she wanted them.

Mmmmm :3c this is delightful.


"Coral got in a scuffle at school."

"A colt was teasing her." She lifted the teacup to hide her coy smile, but she knew amusement shone in her eyes by the way he relaxed. "He declared she had cooties. She insisted she didn't, and kissed him." A giggle escaped her. "Right on the mouth."

He arched one brow. "Isn't she a little young to be interested in kissing?"

With another little giggle, Crystal lowered her empty teacup and rested her elbows on the table. "She claims it wasn't a kiss, but a calculated strike to weaken the enemy's defenses." She cleared her throat. "Do I want to know where she learned that from?"

"Not me!" He raised a plaintive hoof. "I have nothing to do with that. Maybe she got it from your novels."

Crystal, you should know better than most how dense Silent used to be. There's no way Coral got that from him. Honestly, I think that's just a Coral Knight original. That was really funny, though. I loved this scene. It's relaxing seeing Silent and Crystal just be the parents they've wanted to be and just enjoy being a family. And Cherry Blossom? Crystal get tired of all the Knights, so she ask to just have one non-Knight kid?

Aww that was so cute.

i loved the ending

With another little giggle, Crystal lowered her empty teacup and rested her elbows on the table. "She claims it wasn't a kiss, but a calculated strike to weaken the enemy's defenses." She cleared her throat. "Do I want to know where she learned that from?"

Let's be honest here... this has Sunny written all over it.

lolz deduce what was occurring indeed. I like that one. :3c

Crystal lifted her gaze to the jewel hanging above the crib, which resonated the melody of their lullaby. Just as it had carried a purple-and-blue glow during Coral’s foalhood, and a silver-and-blue one for Clement’s, it shimmered gold-and-pink for Cherry.

Such a neat little detail/aria cameo. And I was totally the kid singing the lullaby all the way through even when my nephew/nieces were asleep. Can’t just end the song unfinished❣️

“I’m here,” came the lazy voice of Clement Knight as he flapped his way down from a pegasus loft that hadn’t previously existed. He came to a landing on Princess Luna’s back, curling up in her flowing mane. “Can I sleep in a dream?”

I like the way this kid thinks.

Soooooo...... anyone else find Cherry Vader hilarious?


Was...was the text after Cherry's last line all supposed to be in that font?

In any case, this was a wonderful chapter. It's great to see the gang again, but I seem to be missing a detail or two. Who's Miley's husband again? I thought it was Runic since i seem to remember them dating in "Trials" but...

Maybe she got it from Sunny.

Loving the Ghostbusters reference from Coral


While I'm extremely curious about what Soothing Breeze was looking for and found, I'm just happy to know that there's some interesting Quill & Blade stuff coming in the future.

”Come on, Soarin! The world’s ending, so it’s now or never! Are you going to stallion up and jump on Sunny’s—”


Y-you really went there❣️ This is why I love you.

“Never bother,” he replied, holding out a hoof. “Miley was the one who wanted to elope for our wedding. It’s a pleasure. I’m Doctor Doctor.”

Oooooooo ... hook, line, and sinker!

Dun dunnn dahhhhhhhhhh

OHH the next story better be coming soon with an ending like that!

ohhhh, you clever little filly

"Yeah, this might be a hint about something ;)"

*sputtered disbelief*

So. New story coming soon, and Cherry Blossom has a headcanon voice like Stewie Griffin using the Royal Canterlot Voice.

Both are very important points that I will keep in mind for the future.

He nipped just below her jaw. “I’ll make you forget all about the party. Just close your eyes...”

... and so she did.

And that’s how foal #4 was conceived!

The whole thing voice thing with Cherry Blossom is hilarious. Lots of laughs in the chapter, like the reaction to Runic's comment about his latest experiment, everyone gathering, Cherry's voice.
And how did I miss this story posting before?

You sneaky person working in hook for another story.

Cherry gurgled and wobbled herself in a semi-circle to face Crystal. With only the bare minimum of coordination necessary, the little foal pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and held it up in offering.

I didn't realize my heart could melt that fast.

Oh my gosh. I thought the Cherry voice thing was just a prank at first, that someone else had arrived and was making the voice to spook Silent. But when it turned out to be real, I died. Beautifully hilarious! And you even added in the hands (hooves) into your story! Great chapter!

“Watch this, Marmesy!” He smashed the two gems together and they fused into an amalgamation of both, green and red streaks blending together in one heart-shaped stone. “I call it a Hearthstone!”

... Is that a reference to what I think it is?

Good story! Really enjoyed the 3rd person perspective on this one.

Wait, you just threw in a hook for a new Knights book!? I never thought this would happen!? Glad I read the fluff!

So, I think there’s supposed to be a third book in Crystal’s line, does this mean there’s a fourth book in Silent’s line?

“Never bother,” he replied, holding out a hoof. “Miley was the one who wanted to elope for our wedding. It’s a pleasure. I’m Doctor Doctor.”

Doctor, Doctor. Give me the news I got a
Bad case of loving you

Geez how long has it been since I heard that song. I also know he came up before I just dont remember when. Was he the doctor that took care of Silent while he was in a coma?

Modus Operandi is to favorite the first story in a series, like the others, maybe add them to a bookshelf. But for this chapter, that’s another fave.

O.0 that cliff hanger ending!

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