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Knight and Day - Anzel

Silent Knight and Sunny Day are both young officers in command of a House Guard. They're quite accustomed to working with each other and the princesses but are they ready for the crowns' curious request?

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2. The Mirror

Quietly I stood in front of the mirror to inspect it. My reflection stared back at me attentively. We both had a white coat, a navy and royal blue mane, and silver eyes. In fact we were identical down to the blue primary feathers. Most ponies would expect that to be the case. That is how mirrors work.

This wasn’t just any normal mirror though. Beneath the reflective surface lurked endless magical power. To be frank it was frightening. I’ve never really understood magic and, to some extent, I didn’t trust it. That is a silly thing to say of course given it had saved my life on a few occasions. Still, this mirror had the power to impact the lives of every pony in this Equestria and those beyond.

“I had no idea you were so vain, Silent Knight. Now if you’re done primping can we please get back to work? This stupid thing isn’t going to move itself,” Sunny Day said from behind me.

My reflection glared in her direction. “Yes, of course,” I replied before turning to look at her.

Sunny Day stared back at me.

Then we stared at each other.

Finally, she asked, “What?”

“Aren’t you going to, you know, unicorn it?” I asked.

“Unicorn it?” she repeated in a tone that bordered on mocking. “It’s called levitation and you know it!”

“My apologies. Are you going to levitate it?”

“It’s huge!” she squeaked.

“I’ve seen bigger,” I replied before tossing the sheet back over the mirror and starting to tie it down.

Sunny Day snickered and said, “Isn’t that what Crystal Wishes said to you on your…” She trailed off at my glare. “I mean, let me help you!”

The two of us carefully wrapped the mirror in another layer of sheets and brought a small flatbed cart over to transport it.

I stood on my hind hooves and grabbed the top of the mirror. “Alright, I’ll rock it up, scoot the cart under it and then we can work together to get it on.”

“Yup! Ready!”

As stated I used my weight to rock the mirror up on one side. It was tough but I’m not exactly a light stallion. I’m a pegasus warrior after all. Once I had the mirror tipped back and supported Sunny pushed the cart under it. Then with a combination of muscle and magic we got the immense thing on the cart.

“There, easy as could be,” I said.

“Yeah…” She trailed. “How are we going to get it down the stairs?”

I facehoofed. “Sunny, why didn’t you say something before?”

“Oh, I just like to watch a stallion sweat. Come on, we’ll figure it out. Let’s get this thing moving!”

☾ ☼

It took a grand total of five hours to get the mirror from the palace proper into the “rat infested” rooms within Star Swirl’s library. If we’d asked for help it would have been a lot easier but that simply wasn’t an option. Ponies liked to ask questions.

Sunny Day and I were laying on the floor trying to catch our breath. We were sweaty, panting, and exhausted.

“That was the least fun thing I’ve done all year. If they ask us to move it back after this summit I’m going to resign,” Sunny complained.

“That would be a shame but I am not going to dismiss the thought. Ideally, given the circumstances, it probably makes better sense to lock this thing away down here. Who knows what is on the other side of it,” I replied.

The yellow-coated mare shifted off her side and started to get up. “Oh well, for now it is where it needs to be. I should get home though. I’ll be late… again. It is starting to become a problem.”

My ears twitched. “Oh?”

Sunny’s ever-present smile faltered briefly. “Yeah… Princess Celestia has been so busy that I haven’t had a lot of time at home. I can’t ever talk about what I’m doing either. So it all looks pretty suspicious.”

“Surely Azurite isn’t the type to get jealous.”

The smile returned but Sunny’s tone was still brittle. “It isn’t just her. Look, unless you think there is anything else to do I’m going to catch a shower and go. I mean honestly if somepony saw us come in here together and then walk out looking like this—” For emphasis she waved her hoof all about her body. “... It would be pretty suspicious.”

“I see your point. Have a good evening then. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I pushed myself up and started to walk the room again.

My companion sighed softly and I looked over my shoulder at her. “What?”

“You’re going to stay and triple check all of this and start working on tomorrow’s tasks, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Of course.”

“Come on, Silent Knight, I need to get home!”

Confusion set in and I looked at her. “Then go home.”

Sunny Day shook her head. “No, you stubborn oaf. We’re counterparts… partners. If you stay I have to stay.”

“You certainly do not.”

The mare actually rolled her eyes at me. “Okay, then tomorrow you come in four hours late and I’ll handle things until you get in.”

“Absolutely not. What sort of image would that set?”

Sunny glared at me, pointed both forehooves at me and then spread them apart. For emphasis she then kept opening them wide and then bring them back together.

“Okay, okay,” I chuckled. “Let’s call it a night, partner.”

“Thank you!”

☾ ☼

“You were out of the office all day yesterday,” Iridescence said from across my desk. “You’re going to be out again today, tomorrow, and possibly longer? Doing what?”

My brow rose and I looked at my first sergeant. She stiffened a bit.

“My apologies, sir. I can cover the unit for sure. If I may ask, what are you doing exactly?”

That was far more appropriate. “I’m sorry but I can’t say. It is a private errand for Princess Luna.”

“With all due respect, sir, I find it a bit odd that you do private errands for the princess. Especially during duty hours. Isn’t that against regulations?”

“Normally, yes, that’s why I do the errands after hours. In this case, no. The nature of the errand places it directly in my responsibility. It isn’t like you to worry about the finer details of regulations though. What’s on your mind?”

Iridescence shifted, looking uncomfortable. It took her a moment to find her voice. “It feels like I’m being cut out of the loop. Me and the whole unit. We have a whole House Guard and yet you’re always off doing something you can’t talk about. You get reports I don’t see. You take meetings I can’t go to. I’m this section’s sergeant and your second. Why am I still on the bench?”

It was a fair question. Were I in her shoes I might have felt the same way. Of course the nature of the errands I couldn’t discuss with her. My business with Princess Luna was my own. The reports and meetings were my personal business. A debt that needed to be settled. This was something wholly different but I couldn’t explain any of that to her.

“That is fair. There are things going on that you probably could help with but you can’t be involved in. It is better that you remain in the dark. As to this particular thing, it is orders. I may have oversimplified my explanation. On this one, sergeant, you’re out. Next time we’ll see about doing it different. Alright?”

It wasn’t what she wanted to hear but she nodded. “Yes, sir. I’ll take care of the unit today and tomorrow as requested.”

“Very good, dismissed.”

Iridescence started to leave but paused at the door. She took her helmet off and asked, “Silent Knight, is this about the gryphons? Are you going to do something rash? If you are I can help. I don’t care about regulations or areas of responsibility. They hurt us and I want justice as much as you. We’re friends. Don’t cut me out of that.”

My head shook slowly. “I appreciate that, truly. I give you my word that this thing has nothing to do with them. It is a security matter involving a private errand at the request of Princess Luna.”

She put her helmet back on and nodded, “Alright. Have a good day.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Author's Note:

This chapter isn't going to make a ton of sense for this story in a vacuum but I chose to leave it as is since A. This is just an unreleased story for Q&B fans and B. Q&B fans get to see hints at the original Three of Diamonds and Memoirs/Secrets drafts.

Sunny's just starting to struggle with being out a lot and it is straining her relationship with Azurite and Soarin. That is just minor though. I ended up utilizing most of that plot.

The real thing here is Silent Knight and Iridescence.

In the earliest drafts Iridescence immediately became the second NCO and Orchid retired. I chose not to do that for a few reasons. First and foremost Iridescence had basically just made sergeant. Even with Silent moving up and her taking over that would have been somewhat of a stretch. Possible, but a stretch.

Additionally, she was portrayed as not knowing if this is something she wanted. Especially after what happened. So I thought it best to give her a mentor. Plus I wasn't done with Orchid. I love Orchid and the struggle for her between wanting out to raise her foals but also being loyal was interesting to me.

Finally we see Iridescence asking to be "in." Originally she was too. I couldn't make it make sense though. Especially with her taking on Dot and trying to raise her. Too much risk.

Anyway, enjoy today's mini-update. This is pretty much the only tie in chapter. Everything after this is all silliness.

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