• Published 6th Nov 2015
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Knight and Day - Anzel

Silent Knight and Sunny Day are both young officers in command of a House Guard. They're quite accustomed to working with each other and the princesses but are they ready for the crowns' curious request?

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1. A Summons

In my experience when a pony is summoned to the private meeting chambers of Princess Celestia they tend to get nervous. After all, what would an alicorn princess want to discuss with a regular pony?

You can almost see it as the questions seem to pop into their heads. Have I done something wrong? Am I in trouble? Even the ponies that have led a model life tend to get nervous.

The situation is different for me. Without a hint of ego I can say I wasn’t worried in the least. That isn’t because I’m a brave or special pony. It is just that over time the gravity of the situation wears off. I’ve been around Princess Celestia and Princess Luna for my entire career. My name is Silent Knight and I am the commander of Princess Luna’s House Guard.

How I became commander is a long story that is better left untold for today. For the sake of brevity, however, I will say that I started my career as a House Guard and through a series of events ended up as its commander long before I had any right to be.

I’d been in my office going over the week’s duty roster with my section sergeant, Iridescence, when one of Princess Celestia’s House Guards arrived to request my immediate presence. Of course I dropped what I was doing to attend the meeting. The gravity may have worn off but I wasn’t going to keep the princess waiting.

In route to the conference area I turned left at a four-way corridor and almost collided with Sunny Day. She’d been coming up from the other way.

“We have to stop meeting like this, Silent Knight. Ponies are going to start to talk,” she teased.

“It isn’t a wise career move to gossip about the House Guard commanders,” I replied flatly.

Sunny softly huffed at my response. I suspect she was expecting me to tease back.

“Oh, you’re no fun. Where is your flank off to in such a hurry?”

“Princess Celestia summoned me. You?”

The mare’s brow arched. “Same. What do you think it is about?”

Our hooves fell into step on instinct alone as we proceeded together. Sunny Day was my counterpart: the commander of Princess Celestia’s House Guard. Her coat was a dark yellow and complimented her red and orange mane and tail. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting pony in look and attitude to be in charge of Princess Celestia’s security.

Sunny Day has been an officer longer than me though she wasn’t too much older. Her career had been fast tracked as well but she was an entirely different pony. My style was more to following the regulations. Hers was all about pony skills. She just had a way with others.

“Considering she invited us both I’d imagine another event with both princesses in attendance.” It was a pretty safe bet.

“Perhaps she wants to reprimand us for the undeniable physical tension between us?” Sunny offered, teasing again.

I rolled my eyes and retorted, “Aren’t you already with two ponies? I can barely manage one and you want three?”

Sunny Day winked at me and stopped outside of the chamber door. “If you ever change your mind...” She knocked twice.

My head shook at her but I cracked a slight smile. She was wholly kidding. She just liked to pester me.

A hoof came up to point out the smile just as the door opened. Princess Celestia peered at the two of us in slight confusion. We were frozen in place: me standing like a statue and Sunny pointing a hoof inches from my lips.

I cleared my throat and straightened my helmet. “Thank you, lieutenant. That should have it now.” Looking to Princess Celestia I added, “Reporting as requested, Princess.”

Princess Celestia smiled and lightly shook her head. She had a very different sense of humor than her sister. Sunny and her lined up well in that regard too. “Please, come in.”

We did so, closing the door behind us. A brief glance around suggested this meeting was going to be anything but typical. Princess Luna was there which, in itself, was not abnormal. It was the fact that neither Raven nor Willowy Tempest were in attendance that changed everything. This meeting was off the record.

The princesses sat together at the conference table and we did the same. Sunny Day looked around and set her hooves on it. “We’re either planning Raven’s birthday party or something is up.”

It always amazed me at how Sunny Day just said whatever she wanted. Even in off record meetings there should have been some level of formality and decorum.

“Raven’s birthday isn’t for months,” Princess Celestia replied.

“Then I assume anything we discuss here today is both highly secretive in nature and possibly never occurred?” I asked.

Princess Luna nodded. “Yes. We have decided that this is a situation where the fewer ponies know the better.”

Sunny chimed in, “And how few are going to know?”

“Just the ponies in this room.” Princess Celestia replied.

I stroked my chin. “That is an awfully small group of ponies. What exactly are we going to be doing?”

“We’re going to be hosting a summit. An extremely special and sensitive summit,” Princess Celestia explained.

“And we’re going to do it in the palace without anypony ever finding out that we’ve done it,” Princess Luna added.

“O… kay…” Sunny Day replied.

“Who exactly is coming to visit?” I asked.

Princess Celestia smiled at me. “I’m glad you asked. Do you remember the incident with the mirror a while back?”

Sunny and I just nodded. What else could we do?

☾ ☼

“They’re crazy! You know they’re crazy right? Silent Knight, tell me you know they’re crazy?” Sunny Day exclaimed before taking my cheeks in her hooves and forcing me to look at her.

“They’re the rulers of our land and if they want the impossible they’re going to get the impossible.” After brushing her hooves aside I went back to the drawing I was working on. It was a rough floor plan of Star Swirl the Bearded’s library. I’d only been a few times but Twilight Sparkle, Colonel Armor’s sister, had left me detailed notes on how to get around. She was thorough and that was appreciated.

Sunny Day grumbled and sat on my desk. “You are the least fun pony to be working with on this. You aren’t amazed at all by what they told us?”

“Amazed, astounded, confused, and excited for the opportunity. It doesn’t change the fact that a job needs doing. It is a shame, though…”

“What is?” she asked.

“That rats finally got into the library.”

The mare tilted her head and looked at me like I had lost my mind. “Rats? What in Equestria are you talking about?”

“Rats got into the library,” I repeated. I then held up an official document that I’d written. “It says so here. We’re going to need some ponies to come in and move all of the furniture out of this area. Further, these rats might be infected with something and will require special animal care professionals to remove them. Until the appropriate ponies can be located to do that work the area is off limits.”

Sunny grabbed the document from my hoof and read it over. Her green eyes then lifted from it to me. “Do you just sit at home and figure out ways to handle every possible situation that may arise?”

“Do you not?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Then what do you do?”

“Azurite, mostly.”

My ears shot up and I’m certain my face turned red. Sunny Day pointed at me and cackled in delight.

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