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Not dead. · 8:25am May 10th, 2015

Hello everyone. It's just to say, I didn't die and I'm still part of the MLP fandom. I just haven't been into writing lately. But now, I've decided to make a comeback and start writing again.



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About me

Hello, as you probably know, I'm Radioactive_Rainboom. (A.K.A R_R) And I'm a reader, writer and reviewer on Fimfiction.net.

Previously, I had written fanfics for Fanfiction.net. But then got in to MLP: FiM and started on this site.
I'm a 17 year old pegasister from the fandom and my favorite pony is RD.
Also, I'm an editor for many stories on this site and if you would like any help, PM me.
In the time coming, I would love to help new authors with their stories. And even the pro writers with tips and all that.

Anyway, I'm going to finish this here. And I do hope you enjoy my next story: What if..?



Reader, Writer, Reviewer


New stories/chapters coming soon:

What if... Chapter 5
What if... Chapter 6

Luna is taught how to make Dubstep music by WoodenToaster (one-shot)
Pinkie Pie goes to Arkam Asylum