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Scootaloo comes to Sweet Apple Acres looking for Apple Bloom, but instead finds Applejack who decides to teach her a little bit about apple farming, and, perhaps, just a little bit about life.

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Awesome just awesome :twilightsmile: though what's bothering me is:

Granny Smith and McIntosh both gave her a smile and a nod. It's supposed to be Mactintosh or simply Big Mac or Mac :twilightblush: if that was unintentional.

Well, not to be that guy, but McIntosh is actually the correct spelling of the apple he's named after. However, when they call him by his nickname, Big Mac, or just Mac, that's when I put an 'a' in there. I know it throws some people off, but that's how I've always spelled his name, and I'm too lazy to change.

Also, thanks :scootangel:

I have a feeling this was inspired by the song? Anyways good job bro was very inspiring in it of itself

Heh, well, it was semi-inspired by a song, but not The Offspring's song, and thanks. I'm glad you think so.

(semi-NSFW link, just a heads up to anyone before they click on it)

So... not inspired by the Offspring? Meh:applejackunsure:... It's pretty cool though, keep it up.:twilightsmile:

I thought it was nice.

This is good, mate. Real good. This is a personification of what slice of life should be, and damn, is your writing style catchy.
I'm dropping a watch in your general direction, so I can keep an eye on ya in case of any more masterpieces. You other works too, I'll have to take a gander, to see if they live up to all the hype that's been floating around.
Well done, compadre. You've earned a green thumb, gold star, and nod of approval. Cheers! :pinkiehappy:

It's official. Applejack IS the best sister a pony could ask for! Which also makes her best pony
Thank you for such a lovely story! :ajsmug:

There's hype floating around? Heh, well I certainly hope I do manage to live up to it.

Anyway, thanks. I did my best to capture that slice-of-life-y feel by keeping it short and sweet. I'm glad I was able to accomplish that, and all the better that you find my writing style catchy. I believe that's the first time anyone's ever said that. Again, thanks for reading and commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great story! In your description you meant Apple Bloom and not Sweetie Belle correct?

Whoops... yeah. Fixed now.

This was really sweet.

A nice character piece. I love the vulnerability Scoots shows and how carefully AJ handles it.

Comment posted by i am rainbow dash deleted Aug 31st, 2013

highlight and raight click then press search on google then click on the first thing pls

Well framed characters contained in a clear and concise narrative with an effective, coherent message. Dig it.

Well, you did it to me again...I'm crying like a little filly. I totally love:heart:this story idea :pinkiehappy: You should write for MLP:raritywink:

Them feels...they got me but good.

3978939 So, i wasn't the only one to think that exact song when i saw the title. :rainbowlaugh:

4227319 THAT'S WHAT I SAID! :rainbowlaugh:

4227762 How is the text that big?

Initial Big Mac merch was spelled "Macintosh," but was changed to "McIntosh" in 2012. Faust always spells his name "McIntosh," and Larson usually spells it that way as well. He was credited as "Macintosh" in Apple Family Reunion as well as in one of the Hub's Youtube video promos, but it's "McIntosh" in all of the print media (comics/books).

Not only is "Big McIntosh" a reasonable spelling, I would argue that it's more correct than "Big Macintosh."


2057486 I don't like the fact that they changed his name because now calling him "Big Mac" makes zero goddamn sense.

Also Alex:

I couldn't help it.

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