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Comment posted by Anchus Definy deleted Jun 22nd, 2014

47531 Sorry, just got notified of that reply :twilightblush:. I'm doing great :twilightsmile:. And you?


Hey man, good to see you again; i'll be sure to drop by your tumblr and check it out. But, whilst you are here, how is everything going?

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I've been on:derpyderp1:.... I've missed a lot:rainbowderp:... Well, just a hello to an old friend:twilightsheepish:. My story of why I left is simple, I got less and less time to deal with fanfinctions, until at one point I completely forgot about FiM Fic:applecry:. Nostalgia has brought me back here:pinkiesad2:. I've noticed things have changed and I have stuff to catch up on. I moved to the Tumblr community a while back, so that's where you'll find me:rainbowdetermined2:. I'm starting an ask blog if you want to ask something, but for now: (rastey.tumblr.com) here's my blog. Talk to me there if I don't get back to you here.Since it's summer, I'll have a lot more time for things, school work has been holding me back. Well that was a long hello:twilightblush:! Bye for now old friend:twilightsmile:!

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