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An Ancient scroll is uncovered deep beneath the catacombs of Canterlot Castle. The threat that is mentioned in it is very real. Who else finds it besides Discord? He tells the sisters about what he found, and they message the elements and the royal family of the crystal empire. Will this threat be stopped, or will the ancient demon king rule once again?

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Wow A Final Fantasy I crossover [I wonder which Ponies will be the New Warriors of Light?]


You will find out eventually (two chapters or so) because I have Some Filler from this chapter to put in (Discord, and the Elements stuff

Took a read, like you asked.

As far as stories go... Not too bad. It's a bit rough and all, though.

You probably could have given a better explanation on why Discord was down there in the first place, for starters. That and some of the humor seemed a bit... Forced.

Still, like I said, it's not that bad a start to it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks Skeeter, It'll get better with time, Eventually once my Writing style for this story develops I will go back and clean it up and make it better like most people do, So think you can help spread it around for me?


Thanks Skeeter, Any help is good help ya know?

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This turned out better than I expected, can't wait to start working on chapter 2:pinkiehappy:

Witch Final Fantasy does this story crossover with?

Princess Cadenza and her sex-crazed husband, Shining Armor

I'm not laughing at this because it's inappropriate, but because of the truth behind it. Either Cadence or Shining are sex-crazed (probably because they want foals badly and wha'not) or BOTH!

On another thing, here's what I think the classes for everypony will be.

Twilight: Black Mage
Rarity: Red Mage
Pinkie Pie: Thief
Applejack: Warrior
Fluttershy: White Mage
Rainbow Dash: Monk

Black Mage Twilight is obvious, her being the Element of Magic! Unless you think she makes a better Red Mage, hmm?

6108496 I already have the classes for the main six figured out, but it's getting the story moving that's been my problem since I started it

6115103 In writing the second chapter, I got stuck in a loop and havent been able to get out of it

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