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We are a Group dedicated to the betterment of Fanfiction everywhere... at least on this site. We aren't an extensive editing group or a Nazi proofreading group, but we make sure your down votes are justified, and your fictions are well commented on. The League will do its best to point out any and all problems we come across in your story, though we feel it is up to you to act further. What we do here is a collective effort, and we DO NOT have to help you, we are extending our good will and want to help writers everywhere improve. Nobody likes down votes, and our mission is to locate those pitfalls and provide you with ways to avoid them presently, and prevent them in the future.

Please Read and Become Familiar with these Rules while in this group. It will save both You and Us time.

The nature of the reviews are explained in the Forums. Here is the Link. Along with this, I recommend you take note of the following: After the story has been reviewed by at least three(3) League members, it will be deleted from the Folders and the author notified that their review is complete.

We understand that this is not a process that can be done alone. We all should help each other better ourselves and become the best that we can be. If you feel like you are interested in joining the Writers League as a contributing reviewer, we welcome you.

~The Writers League

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would anyone like to help proof read a story i've written called TRAS and SPRS? it's a crossover between equestria girls and rwby that, when i tried to submit it, it said there were too many grammar errors to get released onto the site

Delete the story or tag the next person? We tag the next person via Pm or somehow. Nothing too complicated.

331967 Should we delete the Pokemon fic then, since three of us have reviewed it?

I hear ya on that one...
Okay, I will add it to the front page. Also looking to spice it up with some banner or something.

Hm... alright. I wasn't on earlier to review the other fic. I can't right now because reasons, so I'll try to get it tomorrow during class. The system seems fine now.

I'll be more active as we get on our feet. It's been a stressful weekend. :duck:

331964 Good plan. Probably should make a notice to that effect so that authors who submit fics know what they are getting into.

So, since we've decided that we'll be reviewing in 3 categories, after the story has been bombarded with our reviews, we delete it from the folders. Also, since it is a little hard to all be on at once, we should tag the next person specifically who will review the story. If that person happens to get on then, they can review and we won't have to worry who's next.

331960 Thanks, add things in if you feel like it's missing something.

Pretty much! Also, love your review outline. It makes things neat and organized, just the way I like it :pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

331958 That's pretty good. :twilightsmile: So Cherry decides which story to review, right?

It'll just have to be a collaborated effort made by all of us. Whenever a new story crosses our paths we'll each claim a section, starting with Cherry since she made the group. Cherry hands it to me, I switch it to Flint and Swirlstar gets it last. Sound good? As far as the sections we will tackle, we'll shuffle occasionally.

331944 Sure, just reminding :twilightsmile:

I'll be adding some of my "recommended reviews" in a new thread soon. Feel free to add to it~!

331942 Eh... whatever :derpytongue2: I'll do the plot.

331942 ... Maybe we should wait until the others get back...

331939 Whew! Done!

Anyway, if we're going to review by section then we'll need a basic schedule to show who's reviewing what part of the story. Any ideas?

331938 great! Also :twilightsheepish: it's your turn to edit this here story! :rainbowkiss:

331937 Good. Added. Tell me if there are problems.

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