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Know of any train wrecks close to you? Have a picture or video of trains wrecking things? Feel free to discuss them here.

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Comment posted by Winter Storm deleted Oct 25th, 2013

Hi guys. My story starts out with a train wreck, so is it ok if I add it to the story folder?

When was the last major derail in New England? I haven't explored a wreck site since '05 when I was but a wee TWE.

314762 You don't ((X) to DOUBT)ing say!

i feel bad from changing the '69' members to '70' members...
but on another note...

Now this is what I'm talking about!

Look, if you don't have any cool train wrecks to share, I don't want to see anything from you.

Yeah, and?

Maybe I like train wrecks.

You say that as if I've done anything to imply I'm uptight. Kid, I'm the most laid back moderator on this entire site.

310299 Great! Wanna join in?

Who knows, maybe we'll finally manage to dislodge the stick that is so firmly lodged up your colon.


311411 promoated

310299 u 'avin a gigle m8?

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