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“...Great sport, hunting."

"The best sport in the world," agreed Rainsford.

~The Most Dangerous Game

Are you a hunter? One of the many humans who have taken up the greatest and oldest sport known to mankind? Whether you’re seasoned, novice, or just someone with an interest in this great sport then this group is for you!

If you have a story where the sport of hunting plays a major role in the story (as in the main character(s) hunt regularly for food, fun, or profit and it is present throughout the story), then feel free to add it to one of this group's folders. Note the word: ONE as all stories should fall under either one or the other.

The Hunters In Equestria folder is for stories where characters from outside the MLP universe are present. An example would be a story where a human hunter stumbles across the land of Equestria while on a hunt, or a crossover with another universe.

The other category: Hunters Of Equestria is for stories where the only characters present are from the MLP universe. An example would be a story about a griffon hunter hunting in the forested mountains of Great Grifon, or any story that does not bring in characters outside the fandom.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the threads or as a PM to a group admin. If you post a question in the comments section then it may not be seen by an admin as I don't get notified of added comments, just PMs and new threads.

If you're a hunter or a hunter-in-training then go here and leave a reply to get instant contributor status!

First writing prompt here.

Discussion threads:

Big game

Small game

Hunting stories (non-fiction)

What and how do you hunt?

Note: hunting is defined as the activity of tracking/stalking/baiting and killing another creature for purpose of food, sport, or profit. If you have questions, contact an admin.

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This does not compute...

341909 I know. Pain in the ass, but it is for a very select crowd.

332158 It seems to have died again...

332255 Cool stuff, glad to have you here.

Swung by to join.
Been huntin deer a few times with my dad, love every minute of it.
Haven't been doin much deer in a long while, but varmint huntin is still great to go out with friends and do.

Anyways, hope to see this group take off!:ajsmug:

328511 I plan on changing that now.

This group seems mostly dead...

312984 My sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

If that's the case then feel free to post it to the group.

I'm sorry, I misclicked the wrong buttons and put a Yu-Gi-Oh! story in the folder. Ignore it, it's gone, and it shall never be back.

Would it be okay if I posted my Attack on Titan crossover into the Hunters of Equestria folder?

The Carnivore's Prayer might interest you. It's about gryphons, and hunting is an important theme in it.

Two of my favorite things rolled into one! :pinkiehappy:
Best. Day. Ever.

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