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Hello, to you and welcome to well.. my space. It's not all flashy. Heck, I didn't even bother to put a banner or an icon, not that I needed them anyways. This group in essence will be were I would read stories and review them when I have or find time to do so. These reviews will be really slow because the reviews take time to do and I don't like doing quick reviews because those seem really boring to me and I feel like I sell myself short when I do so. Taking that into consideration, I have decided to make my reviews as deep, thoughtful and as informal as possible. Not sure if they would be interesting to read since I lack a lot of enthusiasm for most things in life.

Anyways, to not bore you out on reading just the front page, I would mostly be using this group.. or space to just store in sections what I have read. And would have a folder that you guys could fill up to your hearts content. Just be thoughtful and give me more stories that have made you think or have given you joy and not a bunch or stories that in essence have really nothing I can benefit from it other than might time used up to just read for the sake of saying I've read a story. In other words, give me something that I could improve from other than saying this story is good or that story is bad.

There are of course more things to do than that, but I'll wait until it gets bigger first before stating more things that I would do. Thank you for taking the time to read this information, and if you decide to join I thank you for that as well.

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