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A group dedicated to the finding of critique partners.

Here's what you do:
look through current threads and see if there is anyone you want to be partners with.
If there isn't anyone, make a thread describing the kind of critiques you want and the kind of critiques you give.
Once a thread has successfully united you and your new critique partner please delete it. all threads will be deleted after one week of their creation. If you are still looking for a critique partner or want more than one, make a post in the massive list of people who still want critique partners, but make sure to delete your post when you have enough.

Critique partners are supposed to be a long term commitment. If you want someone to just read one of your stories and move on with life this is not the group for you. Critique partners should continue critiquing each others stories as they come out.

Also, we're in desperate need of admins and a banner.

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