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A general rap/R&B group for FimFiction. Whether you're an up and coming artist, have stories dedicated to rap or R&B, or simply a fan of the genres, all are welcome.

Rules (subject to change):

1. This should go without saying, but don't be an jackass. If you can't act like a well-behaved adult on this forum, then you won't last long here. Trolling, thread hijacking/derailing, and deliberately instigating a flame war will get you banned.

2. Respect each other's opinions. While I do personally feel a lot of mainstream music today sucks (*cough*YMCMB*cough*), this topic, among others, can cause massive flame wars that can engulf the forums. If you have a differing opinion to someone else's, at least be constructive about why you disagree with them.

3. As per the site's policy, NSFW content is not allowed on the forums. Music, obviously, is an exception as it usually can't be avoided, but if you can find a clean mix of a song other members can listen to safely at work, that would be much appreciated. Adding to this, keep the tone of language PG-13 at minimum on the forums.

4. For the moment, limited self-promotion is allowed until a dedicated topic is made for it. However, you must ask the admin (or a moderator) for permission to make a self-promotion thread first. If there's 6 self-promotion threads already in the forum, no other SF threads can be made until after a two hour time limit, after which the threads will be deleted from the forums to make room for others that want to self promote. Threads made during this two hour limit will be deleted, and can result in expulsion from the group if done repeatedly.

5. Necro-posting is generally looked down upon on the internet due to the posts bumping the topic generally being unimportant or irrelevant. The first two times you necro-post, you will get a warning. A third time will result in your expulsion from the group.

6. Be respectful when critiquing other people's work on the forums. Whether it's a story or a song, be thoughtful in how you rate it, especially if it's a negative critique. Simply saying "it licks ballz TROLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!111!!1!!1!" isn't helpful at all.

7. NO ARTIST BASHING. I honestly cannot stress this rule enough, as it happens all the time. While the quality of some musical artists are.... questionable at best, everyone has the right to their opinion. This goes hand in hand with rule 2, as it causes massive flame wars across the board. If I see any any artist bashing on the forum (be it a mainstream artist or a member of the brony fandom), You get blocked for a week. No exceptions.

8. Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy yourself. 'Cuz that's what we're all here for brah. :P

And remember, if you can't follow the rules....




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Eminems new album :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: yus yus yus!

hooray! A group dedicated to rap mmmmm feels wonderful......

How awesome is this! I've wondered why there was no group like this.

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