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I am ScarletShadowKiss and I live in Canterlot! I write stories and I'm friends with Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Minuette and Twinkleshine! I love making new friends ^~^


Isn't showing a little kindness a good thing? To Fluttershy, it comes pretty easily - seeing as she's the Element of Kindness, but to Luna, it's a whole new adventure. When Luna starts having worse and worse nightmares and Princess Celestia send for the Mane 6 to come over, what will happen? Who will make what moves? Find out in this Luna X Fluttershy!

All characters are owned by Hasbro and not by me!
Hope you enjoy! ^~^

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Comments ( 30 )

if any pony canhelp luna it is flutteryshy. can not wait to see what develops in succeeding chapters. just wanted to wish you the best on your story. congrats!

thank you so much for showing how much celestia and luna love and care for each other. some bodyneeded to write it. bravo to you for doing so! once again i can not wait for the next chapter. thank you!

great chapter i can not wait for more f these to see this great story unfold fl;uttershy and luna they really do need each other! again bravo on your fine story!

6566532 Thanks so much it really means a lot to me :raritywink::twilightsmile:

loved the chapter! you captured the way fluttershy would act seeing her friends argue perfectly ! can not wait to she luna melt into the gentlenessand kindness that is fluttershy! once again bravo to you for this wonderful story!

another great chapter! and discord me thinks he could be a tad jealous! thisis getting really good! great job as always!!

it was so good to read anotherhapter,in your fine story1 I LOVED HOW YOU BROUGHT UP FLUTTERSHY MODELING FOR PHOTO FINIsh and that ponies still remember her doing that. kudos to you nicely done!

"Can I get you a cup of coffee Rarity?" Fluttershy questioned pleasantly as she scooped Opal up into her hooves, flying off the ground slightly.

coffe finally:heart:

Nice chapter.

What about the Dazzlings?

huh? I haven´t watched the third movie yet, and I don´t really want to, but she shouldn´t know them right?

"Yeah and she was in the Equestria Games for the Aerial Relay!"

I´m really confused, are there friendship games in the episoddes too? was it the episode with Bulk Biceps, and Fluttershy?, where they tried to win?

It somehow felt a bit short, even if I was reading a bit more, than I had the time for, but it was good anyway.

Comment posted by xxScarletShadowKissxx deleted Dec 21st, 2015

6751025 Omg I completely forgot that the pony girls and the human girls are not one and the same! Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix it now :)

"Oh, I'm going to visit my Boutique!" Rarity squealed and cantered out grandly, laughing with joy.

I don't remember this story that much, but I feel like this story just got adjusted to one of the newert episodes from season...5 was it?

Anyway nice to see it is alive.

yeah you are back! another excellent chapter in your fine story! outstanding!!each chapter is well worth the wait!

7168722 I'm trying to keep up with the show, so some bits will be newer than others :P

7174448 that'ss mostly okay, but sometimes I didn't like it if something is just added because of the show, even if it wasn't planned before. However there are chases in which it actually change something, and here didn't happened anything because of that.

7175700 Sometimes I won't though because I'm lazy :rainbowlaugh:

I would like to have a new chapter please.

I think discord is jealous too!

I love how Rarity managed to show off and rescue Flutters at the same time! :raritystarry:

I love Discord's sneaky way of trying to get Flutters all to himself and how Luna was so calm.

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