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Hello! This is a group where you can put some Pinkie Pie related stories in here! This is for stories that STAR ME!!!! (Pinkie Pie)

Also, we can talk and have fun!



This is mostly for me, but you can put your favorites in here too.

If you will put your favorites they have to be PINKIE PIE RELATED.

Pinkie Shippings-

This folder is for shippings that have Pinkie Pie in them.

For instance, PinkieShy, RainbowPie, RariPie, PinkieJack, and TwiPie. They are shippings with Pinkie.

Nightmare Pie-

For stories that feature Pinkie Pie transforming into the Nightmare Pie!
This includes Nightmare Moon tricking her. Or Pinkie becoming the new host of the nightmare.

Corruption and Mind Control-

The classical corruptions. This means she could be brainwashed, mind controlled, or corrupted.

The season two premiere of My Little Pony, when Discord corrupts the mane six, is a excellent example.

Pinkamena Diane Pie-

For the bloody gore Pinkamena stories that I personally don't like.

Sorry for those who do.


(Image is this link. Wouldn't show up)

For good or evil transformations into something. Alicorns, vampire, et cetera.

Good old Pinkie Classics-

(Image wouldn't show up. Link is here)

The classics. Random fun Pinkieness.


For the stories that not yet have a folder and are waiting on me to make one for them!

Hope you enjoy your Pinkie stories!

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Wowie would you look at this

I come back to this group noticing Iā€™m a staff now! OwO. Thanks!

Sure! Gummy would love a playmate! Note that I am not a owner who constantly plays with her pet. I can give you your own space.

šŸˆ would you like to be my owner?

I might see where you are going with this.....:pinkiegasp:

Though I wouldn't mind having a owner...

Whose pet are you? I bet Gummy would love to have a playmate!

And I'm the size of a kitten so

[Insert squee here]

Can ya blame me pinkie I'm a cat who taste of bubblegum,cheery and vanilla.


Should I really say?


Pinkie have you made any cupcakes today?

Welcome to Pinkie's Library! You can add all Pinkie related stories, as long as it is in the right folder. If there isn't a folder for your story, IM and I'll fix it. Put it in other for the time being.

Thank you!

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