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As the eldest, Celestia was expected to show reliability and set an example. It's all so unfair and stress inducing that she becomes distraught and miserable. She turns to Luna for support and confesses all her feelings and doubts. What can Luna do to help?

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I wrote this short fic in an hour so...:twilightoops:

Interesting and pretty decent, given the short time span in which you say you wrote it :ajsmug: Grammar and spelling-wise it’s mostly solid, with some occasional rough bump on the road. Also, I can imagine such a thing leading to Celestia’s kindness.
Just two things since I don’t see an AU tag here; Canterlot at this point probably shouldn’t exist, since the Royal Sisters used to rule from their old castle according to the show. And second, Blueblood is Celestia’s nephew, not cousin. Also, do you envision him being immortal, just like the princesses? :pinkiesmile:

Oops.:twilightoops: I guess I forgot he was her nephew and he just seemed like the right kind of character to torment Tia. Canterlot would have existed but it wouldn't be the capital so I guess I made a few mistakes there.

Well, mistakes happen :derpytongue2: Don’t fret your head over it too much though :raritywink:

I won't. Thanks for the tips! I really need criticism, not sugary sweet stuff! I'd get tricked into thinking I'm perfect.:rainbowwild:

I’m glad you see it so :ajsmug: But you know, better safe than sorry. Some people are very protective when it comes to their stories...

True... some people go berserk if somebody says something 'is not their best work'. Not that it's bad. Weord.

it was really nice, pls do a series.

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