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A mare with nothing. A mare with loneliness. A mare of darkness and misery. Shadows, night and gloom is all in her kingdom. Luna cannot stop brooding upon her troubled past. Her sister doesn't understand, being loved her whole life. Luna turns to Twilight for help. However, an unexpected Pegasus intervenes. And finally may Luna let go...

I don't own this cover art.

Rated Teen just in case it's more 'Teen' than 'Everyone'.

Chapters (12)
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Hey Guys and Girls! If you've only read the first three chapters and are wondering where the romance is, have patience!

Also, I'm all for feedback, good or bad! That's what makes a writer great.

Funny! At the end! :rainbowlaugh: And this story is really good can just see a few mistakes and that’s all. That’s my feedback.

I'd suggest not using forced-color text without checking the display modes. As an idea, on Night Mode, it looks like this:


Also, the source for your image is: https://derpibooru.org/16874

And brings Rankin & Bass to mind :twilightsmile:

please make more chapters

Luna! Stop running away from him talk to him. Goes read more romance stories of these two.

She doesn't want to disappoint Twi.

New chapter published! Enjoy!

thankyou so much for a new chapter... i really enjoy the story line

That's good! I'm glad you enjoyed it. New chapters coming soon. Be prepared for more Luna-ness!

I wanna read moooooorrrrreeee!!!!! :raritydespair:

It will be interesting to see what happens to Luna if she transforms into Nightmare Moon. This is a good story so far, I think some of the shorter chapters could be combined because they have the same theme. Keep writing!

Well, be patient. Anyway, this will be a series, so plenty of time!

It's come! The chapter you've all been waiting for! Acts like a rock star. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

So what do you readers think? An adequate explanation for Luna's actions? Or not?

And thanks for the compliment!

Hi! Howzit? The story so far, I mean.

Interesting so far!:pinkiesmile:
Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! More is coming, I just need to get there.

I'm a total idiot, I'm sorry :pinkiesad2: for making all you who are impatient wait so long! Forgive me, please!

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