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Classy Maud Pie

Always Show Grace, Poise And Class In Everything You Do.~ Classy Monthly Contest Founder.

Lovely To Meet You.


I do hope your day is going fine.

I've joined this community as a long time Pegasister. I've always wished to place up writings on a site. Though alas I've fallen to stage fright!

But no more! Even if I happen to fail I will do my best to bring forth many new ideas and interesting tales. Please bare with my stern personality. Once you get to know me you will find I'm quite sweet to know.

Well what can I say about myself?

I'm very soft spoken and polite.
I'm female.
A lady never reveals her age.
Best Pony Is Maud Pie.
I enjoy a good romance and drama.
I love to read and listen to music.
I love to give back to the communities I join.

I hope this is enough for now. I shall add more, once I feel more at home around here.

If you desire to chat simply PM me.

Thank You, Maud.


Monthly Contest Club.- Admined by Mr.Allan. · 9:51pm Feb 16th, 2017

Monthly Contest Club.

The quite polite Mr. Allan is hosting a writing contest as well.

On a group he admins as well.

Right now a contest on redemption If I'm not mistaken is taking place. Do check it out for a chance to grow as a writer and have fun facing off in a contest that is sure to delight.

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2402246 Thank you and your welcome.

That video made my day too.

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:


2401192 Thank you so much!

That cake looks so wonderful.:twilightsmile:

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