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Would love to have more followers, readers and (constructive) criticism. Please and thank you.


*Takes place several months after season 4 finale(not a sequel to Needing To Heal)*

It's just a normal day for Fluttershy but something has been bothering her for sometime. Her feelings and how to express them. When she notices a notebook, her fears become a reality.

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Well, this story was okay, I think it's a bit too quick, there needed to be a slower process, maybe a few days where Fluttershy realized that she sad without him. Also, there's alot grammar errors then again I'm one to talk.

Aww, so sweet. I prefer Dislestia myself, but I'm partial to Fluttercord as well, mainly after reading Bride of Discord. Great story!

7731877 Where and what? Also, thanks
7732138 Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

7732257 Hey, it was a nice little fic. Short and sweet, so of course I liked it.:twilightsmile::raritywink:


He and his unpredictable magic ....

Him and his unpredictable magic

how life would be if he didn't come into our life.

Our life? Is she talking about herself and her friends? If so life has to be plural ...lives

Who would be there for me whenever I did something out of character, which was an everyday thing for him?

That sentence makes no sense.

Who's there for me, when I do something out of character. After all something like is normal for him.

7732138 I became a FlutterCord fan after reading Forever Young and Dearest Fluttershy. Have you read those?

7732475 A) thank you for the corrections. I will add those in. B)I can't really explain the last one but I have an idea of it. Let's just say I have a friend who's like this(discord) and I'm kind of like FS but a guy.

7732947 I haven't but they must be good if that's the case

7732974 hope you check them out. Dr. Wolf does a dramatic reading of both stories if I'm not mistaken

7733137 I wish I had a dramatic read from him.

7734160 Fluttershy. I just shorten it to be to the point

7732947 No, I don't think I have. Can you send me the links?

7736958 Okay, cool. I was hoping for the actual fic links as it's like having an actual book in front of you, but dramatic readings are always nice too.:twilightsmile: I'll be sure to look at them when I get the chance.

7736962 oh my fault. I can redo the links. I thought you wanted the links to the readings

7737027 No, it's fine.:twilightsmile: Readings are always good, it's like a TV episode or movie only with just the audio. Really well done readings are always nice to hear when the readers get the character's voices down pat.:yay:

This was such a sweet fic. I always love some FlutterCord and this was awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Oh man the emotions really touch me inside. And the way Fluttershy expressed her emotions for Discord are truly just beautiful. I really mean that.

8056303 Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

Your welcome :twilightsmile:

8056490 hopefully,the rest don't disappoint

I'm sure it wouldn't dispointed ok. So no worries alright because this story show your tatent is amazing. And this isn't Exaggerate which I hope doesn't seem like that. You have tatent and never doubt that ok.

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