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Hello all who have stumbled across this group. I hope to explain to you what the purpose of this group is so that you can understand.

The main purpose of this group is to create our very own fan season with your help. As you can write a story and, if I look through it and accept it as part of the group's "cannon" it will be an episode of Season Infinity...or at least that's the dream.

Now, the rules of this group is as follows.

Main rules:
1: don't be an asshole
2: respect each other and all that
3: contact me or a future admin if you encounter a problem with the group.

Writing rules:
1: No black and red Alicorns, Mary Sues/Gary Stu's
2: PM me or any future admin if you want a story to be part of Season Infinity
3: put stories in proper folders.

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