A group made for my still-running 700-follower special fic, a massive collaboration effort in which anyone can participate!

The "story" (in the loosest sense) revolves around a human in Equestria tasked with punishing anypony who has done wrong with a spanking. Each participant will contribute a chapter to the story (no more than two chapters per writer), and must choose a pony "delinquent", the crime he/she is accused of, the implement used for the spanking, and the title of the chapter.

For more details, refer to THIS GOOGLE DOC on what to do and how to do it.

From there, anything goes. Write how you want. Punish whomever you want, for whatever reason. Use whatever you want (within reason, of course :twilightoops:). The settings, plot and nuances are completely up to you.

Once you're registered, get started on your chapter whenever you like. Keep me posted on your progress, and send me the chapter on a GDoc or in a PM when you're finished. I'll make some final touch-ups, then add your chapter to the story.

The tags used in the story are 2nd PERSON, SEX (for some saucy moments when ponies may actually enjoy their punishment), COMEDY, HUMAN (HiE), and RANDOM. As such, keep your chapter within those parameters. Otherwise, go nuts. This is a totally tongue-in-cheek project, so no need to be serious.

For more info or tips on what to do or how to do it, here's the ongoing story:


Here's the GDOC explaining the rules.

The old blog posts I used for registration can be found HERE and HERE.

Thanks for reading and/or participating, and happy slapping! :pinkiecrazy:

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