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Reviving the "Corporal Punishment" collab · 5:34pm Jul 28th, 2016

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

“You Are Corporal Punishment!” is coming back.

If you still want to contribute, the link to the guidelines is right HERE. It's view-only, so you have to make your request here.

Once you read them, post a reply here asking for a chapter and the details you want, and I’ll add you to the GDoc.

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading.

Comments ( 27 )

Chosen Delinquent: Moon Dancer

Chosen Implement: A dictionary.

Reason: Overreacting to getting snubbed by Twilight.

Title: You Spank Moon Dancer for Missing Out on the Best Things in Life

Chosen Pony Delinquent: Photo Finish

Chosen Implement: Her camera

Reason: using flash when flash isn't needed, too much flash when it is needed, and for generally following you around all day just blinding you with pictures and flash

Title: You Spank Photo Finish For Not Knowing How To Finish Her Photo (best I could come up with)

4118380 Added. Good luck with your chapters, gentlemen, and send me a link to the GDoc once it's finished. :twilightsmile:

And Pariah, this will be your second and last chapter. Just letting you know.

4118992 Sorry if I made it sound that way. :applejackunsure:

Heh, wow. Glad to see this is back. I'm definitely trying it this time! XD

Chosen Pony Delinquent: Flurry Heart (Aged up to the Mane Six's age)

Chosen Implement: Hairbrush carved out of crystal

Character's Crimes to punish them for: Blasting the castle with lasers, damaging the spellbook, shattering the Crystal Heart with her crying.

Title for your chapter: "You spank Flurry Heart for destroying the castle and shattering the Crystal Heart."

You Spank Pinkie Pie for Stalking Ponies Into Being Her Friend

4128468 Just choose an implement, and I'll enter you in.

4120820 And you're in. Good luck! :twilightsmile:

4129739 Okay, added. Good luck. :twilightsmile:

4128468 If you're all still interested in these chapters, let me know how you're doing on them and how soon you can finish them. If you can't, it's no problem, just let me know. I'll take that entry off the list (it won't affect your already-published chapters, if you have them). Thanks. :twilightsmile:

4137209 I'm getting a start on it. Ive been on vacation for the last week.

4137218 Nice. Just needed an update, is all. Thanks, and good luck. :twilightsmile:

Name: Puzzling Insanity

Chosen Pony Delinquent: Shattered Heart

Chosen implement: Paddle

Character’s crimes to punish them for: Eating an entire cake

Title for your chapter: You Spank Shattered Heart for Eating and Entire Cake

4137297 Excellent! I'll register you in a moment. And for future reference, all chapter requests are to be done in the new group. Okay? :twilightsmile:

4137302 No problem. It's a fairly new group. Just guiding you in is all. :twilightsmile: Read up on the rules and stuff there, and keep me posted on how you're doing.

You've been added to the Master List. Good luck! :twilightsmile:

Can I try a chapter for this?

Go for it. I made a group for requests like this, so if you'd like, I can send you a link. :twilightsmile:

That would be great :pinkiehappy:


Just follow the guidelines and I'll have a look presently. :twilightsmile:

Hope its OK that I post here. I don't know how or where to create new threads.

Name: denneylaw

Chosen Pony Delinquent: Sandbar

Chosen implement: ruler

Character’s crimes to punish them for: running off with the kids of the species leaders, causing them to worry and argue with each other.

Title for your chapter: You Spank Sandbar for almost causing war between the species leaders. (Or some way to shorten that if possible, maybe?)

If you approve, I'll try and get it done by next month. If I procrastinate too long or life gets in the way too much, I hope someone else would consider the idea.

In the group forum, there should be a green button that says "New Thread". It'll open the text box, and once you're done, hit the "Post Thread" button. Hope that helps. :scootangel:

And I signed you up. Take as much time as you need, and if you want to add a second chapter, be sure to start a thread in the group. Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

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