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Am a senior high-school student who is 16 year's old and love's to read and write books. Atm i don't have a specific Genre but, right now am working on a FOE story.


Me, Myself and I

Hi, name's John but you can call me TheWriter101.

I do FOE stories and other stuff. But mainly I'll be making some FOE stories for all Fallout fans out there, and also I'll be trying Sci-Fi stories cause I myself love stories like those. For all fans of the Reckoner Series out there a shout out to you all, and also MazeRunner.

Am currently helping my parents with our stores, so stories will be delayed. But fear not I will do my best to post weekly/monthly.

And btw, am living in the Philippines. if your not living in the Philippines my stories will be posted, i think two or three days after I announced that a chapter will be out.

So yeah, without further a do. Brohoof

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Oh, it's very entertaining. 😀

2462908 I am glad he enjoyed it then. To be honest, I make plenty of mistakes, but I hope the story is entertaining at the very least :)

My best friend Lucid Sparks suggested it to me. When something amuses him it's always a good sign.

Thanks so very much and kindly for the favorite on Legacy! I truly appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

I know this is delayed but thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for the follow! I appreciate it immensely, with genuine sincerity, and can only offer my biggest thanks. My gratitude is massive, and wish I had more to give, other than my warmest thank yous. I hope I can continue to please you, and satisfy you with my works, and hope you continue to enjoy them. Thank you again. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav! May I ask why?

Also if you could leave likes and comments, that would be appreciated. :twilightblush:

Thanks for the watch!


Your welcome. And thank you :derpytongue2:

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