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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.


This story is a sequel to Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly

Three hundred years after Luna's banishment, an uneasy peace has collapsed and war erupts between the United Tribes of Equestria and the growing Gryphon Empire, who seek to supplant Princess Celestia as ruler of the heavens and claim the rich lands of the pony nation for their own. With the border defenses shattered, Canterlot endangered and the armed forces unable to stem the onslaught, who can stop the relentless Gryphon war machine as it overruns province after province, scoring victory after victory as it closes in on the Equestrian capital city?

In this time of peril, when the entire pony nation teeters on the brink of defeat, a champion will rise to lead the resistance to the gryphon invasion, becoming not just the commander of an elite force, but a symbol of Equestrian valor and fighting spirit. A born warrior and leader, the name of Firefly will be one day revered as not just the founder of the Wonderbolts, but as Equestria's greatest hero...

Taking place seven hundred years before present and canon to both the Gentlemanverse and Turnabout Storm novelization, this is the story of Rainbow Dash's ancestor, the founding of the Wonderbolts, and their role in the bloodiest conflict of Equestrian history. It is a multistory Magnum Opus consisting of several discrete stories, as described below:

Book 1: The War Begins

The Gryphon Empire invasion of Equestria launches at dawn with an all-out assault on the Equestrian Army and Aerial Corps border bases, accompanied by deep-strike raids against Cloudsdale and the Royal Guard training base of Fort Spur.

Will Princess Celestia unleash her enormous power to end the war quickly? Can Outpost Epsilon withstand the onslaught long enough for the much-maligned Royal Navy to reach them? And can the civilian populace of Cloudsdale resist a massive and determined air attack by the Imperial elite against its all-important weather factories and storm cloud production facilities?

Book 2: Rally and Recover

With the border defenses crushed and the remains of Outpost Epsilon evacuated, both sides lick their wounds, hastily reorganizing and preparing for the next Imperial offensive aimed deeper into Equestria.

Can missing Cloudsdale be located near the borders of Thestralslovakia? Will the once-disloyal and still-distrusted bat-ponies that live there side with Equestria or the Empire? What is the Imperial invasion plan? What role will the Changelings play in the conflict? And what will happen when a sixteen-year old gryphon cub faces off with the gryphon-hating pony named Thunderbolt; one of the most lethal and bloodthirsty beings to ever live...?

Book 3: Second Offensive

While the fate of Cloudsdale is negotiated and Firefly's forces prepare for additional action, the second Imperial offensive begins with an assault against the badly outnumbered Equestrian Army at Maresk two hundred miles inside Equestria, attempting to pocket and destroy the thousands of sorely-needed soldiers based there.

Can an out-of-favor earth pony Colonel rally his regiment to save the city and an entire Army Corps? Or will the city's soldiers and civilians alike face the fate of the border bases, becoming yet another crushing defeat in the Imperial drive on Canterlot?

  • Writers: Denim_Blue and Firesight with occassional writing assists from Leo Archon and AJ_Aficionado
  • Prereaders: AJ_Aficionado, SilentWoodFire, TheGoldCrow, Denim_Blue
  • Guest Writers: AJ_Aficionado, Denim_Blue

Maps of Equestria and Equis: https://www.fimfiction.net/chapter/1105220

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This is a great piece of propaganda. So many parts could be prefaced with, "From a certain point of view".

I'm quite looking forward to how the 'Side of the Just' prosecute this war.

I am just glad I was able to help with these before I went on vacation for a couple weeks.

The gryphons reasons look reasonable.
How do the gryphons plan to detain Celestia? By threatening to blow up the moon? As of right now, the only thing that could work is a hostage.
But ponies win in the end, because they have to, otherwise there is a huge continuity split. Ten bucks says that Elipson will either be a final stronghold, or it will be evacuated.

Awesome choice of song!

And so the war begins.... There is no going back now...

It was fun poking holes in the logic and challenging their claims one by one during the pre-read. The final product is wonderfully polished and a fantastic piece of propaganda — to echo Posted's sentiments below. Strap in folks; it only gets even better from here!


How do the gryphons plan to detain Celestia? By threatening to blow up the moon?

I'm smiling just imagining the Empress with her pinkie claw extended to her lips threatening Celestia's sister's prison. So much for Dr. Evil's moon base!

Put on your seat belt boys, its going to be bumpy ride.

Looked close at the cover art, and realized that Firefly has hired the devil to possess herself so she can go on a gryphon killing rampage.
Or did she hire Shadow the Hedgehog? Or Wolverine?
Either way, now appreciating the kick-@$$ cover art.

I don't know if it was intentional, but with a map based on the USA, a surprise invasion, mind-controlled civilians and a female badass, looks almost to be back in 2000 ( or should I say 1972?)

P.S. I know that nobody will ever get the reference


I had to think about it for a couple minutes, but I get it now. You’re talking about Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2! Still one of my all-time favorite games...

At last, the Gryphon's Plan to Deal With Princess Celestia has been revealed. I had been thinking for awhile now that they would use hostages of some sort to neutralize Princess Celestia. I hadn't expected what looks to be threatening Canterlot with destruction to by a superweapon. It is a tough balance they're in now. If they do destroy the city, Princess Celestia will be even more incandescent than she is now.

Whether or not the Dragons hold to the terms of their agreement with the Gryphons or start acting solely in their own benefit will certainly be something to keep an eye on.

Maybe not that specific situation, but... 'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of one hundred battles.'

Granted, she won't be able to deal with him right away. After all, his entire clan's with him.

Not like Canada did the same thing... Oh, wait.

Thaaat's why Celestia couldn't help. Yeesh. Certainly effective, but once the dragons take the city (hypothetically), how will the gryphons take the city for themselves? If the dragons take Canterlot, they defeated Celestia, who stopped the gryphons. I'm pretty sure war doesn't work like Rock Paper Scissors. However, if the dragons don't take Canterlot, Celestia will go all 'Power of the Sun' on the gryphons. Really, the gryphons just made it impossible for themselves to win Canterlot. Hope they didn't want the mountain. Of course, the dragons might decide to just take everything because without Celestia, no one can stop them.
The gryphons just gave up and now are hoping that dragons are honorable.

That cliffhanger is almost physically painful, it's so tense.

You mean I've got to wait to get my fix??!!?

*Sigh* Ok.

Sergeant Major Windshear. A monstrously strong and state-blue pegasus stallion
Slate blue?


Thanks! Expect Sabaton songs to be making additional appearances over time...

So it begins, and may Equestria rise to the challenge.


Certainly a wild one! Strap in and enjoy the journey.


You know me, I love my cliffhangers. :pinkiecrazy: Sometimes to a fault. I blame the show 24, which back when I watched that did that every week; leaving you on the edge of your seat and desperate to know what happens next.


Oh, you mean the British invasion of the US from Canada during the Revolutionary War? Well, it’s not like we didn’t try to invade and conquer/co-opt Canada prior to that in 1775 and again in the War of 1812...


That’s how it was written--that all of their grievances have a grain of truth in them, but some are more valid than others. Their truest grievance is probably pony weather control. Many of their inland colonists live in desert conditions because the ponies don’t allow normal weather patterns and their weather control intercepts all fronts and moisture from the west. That’s also why the eastern half of the Great Lakes are now dry.

The ‘Side of the Just’ wish to capture pony lands more or less intact because they want the ponies growing food for them and working for the Empire. We’ll see how long that lasts...


Your help was appreciated, believe me! But you were off busy kissing the Blarney Stone...


There is more than war... but conflict is certainly far more commonplace in this far less harmonious time...


The gryphons reasons look reasonable.

They were supposed to, but in the end it’s just a very slick piece of propaganda.

How do the gryphons plan to detain Celestia? By threatening to blow up the moon? As of right now, the only thing that could work is a hostage.

Well, you know the answer to that now from the next chapter! You’re certainly correct in that they’d have to hold something near and dear to Celestia hostage...

But ponies win in the end, because they have to, otherwise there is a huge continuity split. Ten bucks says that Elipson will either be a final stronghold, or it will be evacuated.

The answer is indeed one of the two. Care to guess?


And you made some very good challenges and made sure it was the polished piece of propaganda it turned into. Given after read the finished product and said you were ready and eager to kill Gryphons now, I consider it a spectacular success. Thanks! And I hope your usual commentary crew strap in and enjoy the ride as well!


Hahahah! But how would they blow up the moon? Hire Piccolo?


I did receive your PM! Let me get through this final chapter release or two, and I’ll circle back to it. I’m definitely looking forward to your guest chapters!

No sunshine and rainbows indeed. This is hardly a harmonious era, but it will eventually pave the way for one...


Thanks! I didn’t commission it; I just found it on deviantart while looking for Firefly artwork, most of which tended to depict Firefly as Rainbow’s mother rather than any form of warrior. I was very lucky to find this. Whether by demonic possession or hiring characters from other universes, you can bet I’m going to find a way to recreate that scene in the story!


That about sums it up! :pinkiegasp:


Well, in essence, they are using hostages--they’re using the dragons to hold Canterlot hostage. Though that’s not to say other forms of hostage-taking won’t come into play...

You are correct; these dragons ultimately can’t be trusted by either side as they’re acting in their own interests. But Gaius knows this; he’s done his best to ensure it remains in their interests to help the Empire. However, as he’s the kind of commander who’ll make contingency plans for everything, you can bet he’s got something in his back pocket for a dragon betrayal later on as well...


Probably not, but his alter ego Sun Master probably would given he was around during the time of the war with King Sombra. What would he say about the current situation with the dragons? Probably something like “When your enemies have powerful allies, attack their alliance rather than their forces. Seek to sow distrust between them and then both may be destroyed in detail.”


You’ll have some more insights on this with this next chapter, but suffice it to say, the price for Kalator’s aid (aside from a massive tribute of gems) was that he and his clan get to destroy Canterlot and dispose of Celestia as they see fit... once the war is won and not before. Their value here is in threatening but not immediately destroying Canterlot, because that’s how you pin Celly in place. If they destroy Canterlot now, you’re only setting Celly loose on the gryphons immediately and her wrath will be terrible; she’ll destroy the invasion force and then return with her entire military to fight the dragons, not stopping until they’re wiped out.

As for the gryphons, you can be sure that Prelate Gaius has a contingency plan or two for dealing with them should they turn hostile or go against his plans. The gryphons have had many months to ready such plans and they’re more able to deal with dragons right now. However, here at the start, it is critical that the dragons follow the plan he set. It will matter less later, as Celly is weakened from lack of sunlight.


Good! Then I consider my work done and the chapter a success.


In all honesty, I can’t say I really got it from anywhere; I was just playing around with keys on my keyboard and that finally came out. I vacillated between that, Valator, and Kalos for a while, but I’d already used Kalos as the name of a raider group in Rise of Firefly, and eventually decided Kalator sounded better than Valator.


Hah! Well, actually, given that I follow that series avidly, I’ve often wondered who would be a good character to match Firefly or Kaval with in Death Battle! Any thoughts?


You mean I've got to wait to get my fix??!!? *Sigh* Ok.

Yes, but not long--you’ll get the next chapter today! And trust me, it’s epic...

Sergeant Major Windshear. A monstrously strong and state-blue pegasus stallion
Slate blue?

Oops. Fixed. :facehoof:

Actually I believe I was referring to the fact that Canada and the US developed plans to invade each other shortly after that war. Actually both teams passed through one city within days of eachother, quite possibly both teams were in the same city at the same time, which is hilarious.

Wait, the Alicorn Amulet!! That would totally work!!!

I agree with DJNightmareNight. This cliffhanger is physically painful. Ive been checking in every hour just to see when the next chapter comes out, for all the last chapters. AMAZING! I LOVE IT!

P.S. If Windshear dies, me and firesight need to have some words.

This is a real gut check for Wind Whistler. The most serious final exam she could possibly have, and early to boot.

This is story is BAAAAACKKK! YAY!


Well, the Alicorn Amulet did appear in book one, and I daresay may yet be heard from again. But in the context you suggest...? You’ll have to wait and see. :twilightsmile:


Sorry to keep you waiting, but the new chapter is out! As to your last sentence, I address it in the author’s notes of part 4.


And you have no idea how serious! Well, maybe if you’ve read next chapter you now do...

Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence for those dearly departed.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :trollestia:

Ive always thought that a really well written and overall great story or book is that which makes you feel very emotional. This story has absolutely done that and I LOVE the way its going, and how its written. AMAZING.

Having said that, the emotion I heavily feel right now is anger. The griffins better lose spectacularly, and the empress better be dethroned. I wouldn't change a thing to this inspiring chapter, but nonetheless, I am seething. I thirst for revenge.

RIP Windshear
He died doing what he did best... headbutting gryphons and recruits.

If sunmaster = Sun Tzu, could it be said that the former lunar commander " Clauswitz? Who would be human equivalents for Firefly and Kaval?


I was not expecting a map of the continental US to be used for this story. I don't really mind, though. Makes things simple, I suppose, since the US is a pretty recognizable map.

Oh, I have a feeling I'm going to like the 'Navy' stuff. I get a guns of icarus feel to it for some reason.

Also congrats for hitting the top updated list.

When the Navy came up, made me think of this song:


Appreciate your prereads and always-amusing commentary on the chapter! Yes, this chapter was meant to be a denouement of sorts, one most of the last story was building to in some ways. Windshear was always destined to fall, but he went out on his terms and denied the gryphons victory by doing so. If ever a deed earned the Defender of Harmony award and a Valkyrie ride to the Summerlands, it was this one. Equestria shall mourn his loss, but also learn from his legend and the example he set.


And welcome back to it! :pinkiehappy:

8408068 8407744

Windshear is humble and would not wish much fuss made over him, but he’s going to get it. Equestria needs heroes right now, and he’s now the biggest one they have.


Indeed, though this is one form of flattery I’m sure Celestia would happily do without.


Thank you very much! I’m always big on feels in my stories, and I’m gratified it had this effect on you. That means I’m doing my job. I’m sorry again that Windshear had to die, but remember that he chose to, in the process, he became not just a hero, but a myth and legend right when Equestria needed one most.

Two Talaeus slain. Two Defender of Harmony awards. His base and recruits saved. Without his sacrifice, Fort Spur would have fallen, and all there know it. Will you get what you want with the gryphons losing outright and the Empress dethroned? Well, by the time Firefly writes this story, the Gryphon Empire is now the Gryphon Kingdom, so something clearly happened... but you’ll have to wait to find out what! :trixieshiftleft:


He died on his own terms, more to the point. You couldn’t ask for a more heroic or honorable act.


Good question. Let’s see... Not sure about Luna’s former commander, but I do have some equivalents in mind for other characters:

In future chapters, there will be equivalent characters for such figures as Simo Hayha aka “White Death”, the greatest sniper in history, and Hans Ulrich-Rudel, the greatest military pilot of all time. You will also see equivalent figures for some notable WWII generals and admirals on both sides.

As for Firefly and Kaval... I don’t really know of any human equivalents offhand. I’d have to think about it for a bit.


Y'know, I forgot about the dragons. That's my bad. That'll certainly keep Celestia occupied for a while. Loving this story so far. Really looking forward to seeing how Equestria pulls out of this

I'm rather excited for the Royal Navy section of things.


While I am a bit sad that Windshear died, it makes sense. Despite being mentioned and talked about by several different characters, Windshear himself hasn't written a note in the book, or added his own perspective. After all, how can you have the POV of someone who died in something written after the war?

The original idea of this series was a direct tie-in to our ongoing story that comes after the Turnabout Storm novelization. I'd originally intended for it to have been written in the modern day, with Maya and Pearl Fey channeling the spirits of the departed to write in their respective notes. This idea was ashcanned by people who were turned off by the tie-in. Nevertheless, this series serves as a precursor to that story (and all others that will follow it), as well as being canon to the Gentlemanverse.


Alright, so Sora's Mr. Sulu, obviously, so that makes Flash Fix Scotty. I don't know much Star Trek, but I can recognize that much. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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