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My Little Epona

officer i dropkicked that child in self defense


History is a funny thing--so easily twisted to fit the one pony's opinion, and then that opinion can become widespread, now viewed as unchangeable fact.
The Crystal Empire is one prime example of that. It is very different from what everypony thinks to this day...

(Part of the Eponaverse)

Inspired by the Symphonic Metal Opera by L-Train

Many thanks to my (very patient :twilightsheepish:) proofreader, The Sound of Loneliness!

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Twinkle Cat's family is pretty crazy! Read about their holiday adventures in these three short stories!
(Yeah, I know this description sucks. I tried, okay? I'm just not feeling it right now.)

As you may know.....I didn't like these stories very much and was debating posting them at all. My friends convinced me to, and at any case, I hope you like them better than I do!

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Octavia Melody finds a mysterious radio station that always plays at late night. The music haunts her....she can't get it out of her head.
What secrets does this station hold?

(Afraid I can't take credit for this idea. I literally got it from a random comic I saw in a youtube video.)

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Link wakes up in the middle of a field outside of Ponyville. He has no idea of how he got there--last he remembers he was in Hyrule.
But with barely an explanation, he's plunged into a crazy adventure with his newfound friends--an adventure that will save Equestria.

Proofread by Well Geboren

EDIT: Featured October 12th. Forgot to add that till now. XD
Featured AGAIN on November 30th! Woo!

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The unexpected has happened to Rainbow Dash--she's given birth to a Unicorn! She's completely lost on how to take care of her new magical child, so she turns to the resident magical expert--Twilight Sparkle. Twilight's so busy with her royal duties that she didn't even have time to visit her friend in the hospital, let alone help her raise her children!
Well.....she's got to try, hasn't she?

Cover art by me

Ship warning: This fic supports FlashLight. If you don't like that ship, there's no need to start a war in the comments.

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