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hi im ICE. i am a single male, i love halo, fluttershy is my favorite pony, im a pixel artist. (my gamma and spelling is rubbish) and the one thing like doing the most is read MLP Fim and Fan fictions


I'm back · 1:09am Feb 14th, 2015

I would like to apologize for not updating of a long time because I've been healing form several injurers from an accident at work and before any of you ask, i will tell you, i was crushed by a forklift. the forklift came around a corner and didn't honk its horn and sadly crushing me against the wall has he tried to brake, cracking 3 of my right side ribs and hurting my right arm.

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Can you update two worlds? Please? :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

Thanks for faving Shattered Twilight :twilightsmile:

1464898 I did, but I haven't had a chance to look it over yet. Once midterms are over, I'll see if I can spare some time to give it a once over and get back to you. :twilightsmile:

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