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I like stories, this is my access to those stories, talk and theorize about them. I do exist, but I am a ghost! I have a story now too!

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  • 8 weeks
    I kept my word for now.

    Just a quick heads up, or well to say, the Update is out. Hope you all enjoy it.

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  • 10 weeks

    HOW? I am, confused. Why and how am I in the top ten? How does that work? Should I feel honored? I don't know how the top ten story thing on the home page of Fim works, but either way, I never thought I would be on it.

    SO yeah, I feel overjoyed and concerned now. Either way thanks for liking my story and reading it.

    Love you all, and be kind to one another. - BlueX

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  • 10 weeks
    Update to Shimmering Hope.

    Greetings, I am back. Why I been gone, is complicated. I got sick, with covid and got better, then work got busy with me becoming a DM for my DnD group, and having my RWBY obsession take over, and I been doing that for when I was sick and the month after. Also, depression doesn't help, nor is having a major influencer I loved die literally on my deceased Grandmother's birthday. Rest in Peace Alex, aka Technoblade.

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  • 17 weeks
    Greetings anyone who reads these.

    Hello, if you've been wondering where I have been, with updating Shimmering Hope, well sadly I got Covid, well had it for the past month, before that was writer's block and working on rough drafts, trying to write the next chapters got hard. However when I got Covid things got pretty bad, and I can only apologize for my lack of energy in this. I will get back to it, as I am slightly better, less sick, and getting back into life. So do look forward to at least a chapter in June, maybe two if I

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  • 39 weeks

    Greetings all, I am here to say I have released new chapters for Shimmering Hope, and plan to release roughly two more or so on after Christmas, I had a goal to publish five in December, but life has taken some tolls. I am happily writing, and hope you all are liking the stories.

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I kept my word for now. · 6:06pm July 29th

Just a quick heads up, or well to say, the Update is out. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Thanks! I love them too and wanted to expand on their characters. Leave a comment if you want. I always appreciate feedback!

To be honest, anytime the Dazzlings are shown as good sisters and being a family is instantly in my approval for a story, and while I only started reading the first part, I like it so far.

Thanks for the follow! What about me caught your attention?

Hey man it's fine, I get it, and I myself am busy with a slower chapter publishing schedule, so you're all good. I am getting into your work here, though I do hope you like my Shimmering Hope, Once Upon a Time is gonna be...on hold as I figure out what it should actually show/be about, besides the history of my weird AU, and other stuff.

But also thanks for the favs.

Thanks for the favs and the watch! I hope you enjoy the stories. Note the latest one is getting a chapter update a day until it is completely posted. The good news. The not as good news, still writing the sequel. lol! :raritywink:

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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