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omg I finally found a site to upload ur own pony stories... this'll be good


This may sound weird..... · 6:59pm Oct 10th, 2014

OK so as I said ONCE (cant remember when) that I as going through GCSE, but hat i meant to say was my BBBFF was going through it. thought I might get that out of the way, and two. so i head to school and guess what! ill give you a few seconds to think........................ OK times up, so anyway i go to school and i see my boyfriend with this girl (hes a year older than me so yeah) so the girl hes with is the popular one called jaz (I HATE HER SO MUCH) and they look like there flirting i

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OK, lets get this straight, you may think this box is useless but I am working on a bit or artwork on me and my boyfriend!

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