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This is a group dedicated to making stories written by fans who wish that they could make a fan made animated film based on the show, but don't have the proper tools, equipment, staff, or time to do so. Knowing how creative this fan base is, I expect to see some amazing stories. So, go on, what are you waiting for. Start typing and let's what kind of fan-film you would make, and let your imagination and creativity run wild.

1. Nothing to mature. This group is for writers who would want to make a film that kids could watch.
2. The highest rating you can go to is teen, as with that one you can get away with a little more and depending on the writer, can still make it okay for children.
3. As long as you follow these rules, you can write your story with the feel of any of your favorite animation studios, from the feeling of wonder and magic from a Disney movie to the feeling of danger and adventure from a Don Bluth film.

Using the amazing cast of characters from the show, and (if you want to) some of your vary own characters, I know that I will see some amazing stories from this amazing fandom. Good luck guys & gals, and let your fan-film be written.

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