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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.



This story is a sequel to Rise of the Maximals

While not quite yet the third anniversary of Equestria Girls, a third year is still a third year.

With the Pony Sunset Shimmer still living in Equestria in the New Timeline, you wouldn't think that magic would wind up into the Human World in the New Timeline right?

Not according to Discord and Screwball. Forming a new antagonist for their sake, Roma Candle as they call her accidentally wound up in the Crystal Empire. Knowing the potential of magic in this world, she steals the crown, sending it to an unknown world.

Twilight has three days to recover her missing headpiece. But even when she finds friends there, can our fabled princess accomplish her mission this Timeline as she has done in the Old Timeline? Or will she be doomed to wait another thirty moons?

Rated Teen for language and events of peril.

Takes place in the New Timeline after the chapter One Shall Rise.
Promoted 1/18/2016

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