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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.



This story is a sequel to Wrath of the Red Dragon

Dear Diary,

It's been almost two months since that... Anon-a-miss thing... And my brother has finally come home and sleeping like a baby. but I seem to notice Cosgrove being alone. And at a bad time too. Valentine's day is coming up, and he doesn't even have... how do they put it... a special somebody?

I have Golden Caramel, Chelsey has Tex, Flash... Maybe Twilight? My point is, he shouldn't be alone. And I know just the person he should ask.

'Tap, tap'

And why not? Since moving over to Estes Park, my brother has been in good terms with the Apples. And over the past ten years, they've taught Cosgrove a lot; horseback riding, sheep herding, and he's paid back their kindness by having him and us remove dead apple trees. And the both of them (well, me included) have magical abilities, they would make a great team against any threat.

And further

'Ring, ring!'


Hey, Dapplewood. Is your brother home?

Edit 7/4/2016: Made several changes to the story in order to make it logical. Ultimately, this isn't a romance as I had hoped it would be, so I removed the tag.

Special Thanks to Shadow rift and Oroboro for their suggestions.

Part of the Other Visits Saga. Contains a mentioning of the Anon-a-Miss incident, though elements were changed to fit the Jongojiverse. Though not containing a crossover tag, it does mention the first two stories.

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Rated Teen for violence and language.

Promoted 3/14/2016

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