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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.


Even though Sunset Shimmer managed to close the space-time rifts caused by the Human Twilight Sparkle, one tear still remains.

Two spirits of chaos and a certain pink pony make numerous changes, the largest of which is the portal remaining at the Crystal Empire under Sombra's guardianship before becoming evil. This forms a paradox merely known as the New Timeline.

Join me as we explore the stories in the New Timeline

You can still read the stories of the Old Timeline, but now those are considered non-canon.

Season Zero: Prologue to The Fall of Sunset Shimmer

Season One: Bitter Reunions to Snow Day

Season Two: Bring a Monster to School Day to A Canterlot Wedding Part 2

Season Three: The Crystal Empire to One Shall Rise

Stories set in Season 5: The Advent of Godzilla
The Return of Tambelon
Dawn of the Dinosaur

Season 6: Revelations onward

Equestria Girls (By Chronological Order): Rise of the Maximals, Equestria Girls (New Timeline Version), Camping is Just Dazzling, It Came from the Mysterious Beyond, MLP/LBT: The Stomping Grounds, The Perfect Dinosaur, From Beyond the Western Gate, Wrath of the Red Dragon, A Maximal Crusader, Heir of the Sands, Equestria Girls: The Rubicon.

Includes "Adventure" stories as well.

First Glance Review

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Wow! I just submitted this last night and now it almost has the most amount of views as "The Advent of Godzilla!"

A crossover with 'The Land Before Time: Search For The Stone Of Cold Fire', huh? Clever idea. An interesting way to explain where those two strange beings that encountered Littlefoot and his friends came from.

I know that Discord and Screwball's debate on what mischief to make was quoted from Dinobot of "Beast Wars", but since Dinobot has a thing for quoting Shakespeare, did that entire speech come directly from Hamlet?


Yeah, the speech itself comes from "Hamlet". Discord being in a toga is also a reference to the character Brutus in "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar."

Sweet googly moogly! Whelp I found tonight's story to read, I kill for a good fic with Discord in it.

Wow... Just wow....

Sombra was actually protecting his kingdom but Crysalis made it seem to Celestial and Luna that he took over? Woah.:pinkiegasp:


Sombra embraced his destiny shown in the Crystal Mirror and turned against the Crystal Empire, ruling over them with an iron fist. I added Chrysalis into his origin story to provide a catalyst effect while also explaining the my own origin of the Changelings.

I like the idea of Sunset Shimmer as Cosgrove's big sister/guardian angel. I've got a hunch this was inspired by her super from the magic duel in Friendship Games.

I almost saw a Jojo reference in the ending.


Before joining Fimfiction, the Deviantart drafts of the stories that would later be added in the New Timeline were caused when Sunset made a deal with Screwball after a series of murders including the Old Timeline's Human Cosgrove. Giving this second chance, a little recurring joke of Sunset talking about the past would first start with her immediately recognizing Cosgrove's color scheme when she first saw him in Prance. After I saw the Friendship Games, I ditched the "I couldn't save him" reason of rebooting the stories shown on Deviantart and thus the version you read before you. The idea of a guardian angel still remains.

In the ending of the second part of "Magic Training," I actually thought of "The Sword in the Stone" when I wrote the original draft on Deviantart.

Curious, what is Jojo?

What is this a crossover with?


The Prologue has Sharpteeth (Land Before Time) attacking the students and in "Starswirl's Research on Other Worlds" also has a mention of The Land Before Time.

6629558 Oh, is that all? A few little references hardly qualifies a crossover.
I'm glad I took the time to ask. I was about to ignore this fic because of the crossover tag.

Is this going to have the Umbrum?

This part of the timeline seems intact so far...


Now that I am on Season 3, which has 13 episodes, this leaves me plenty of room to expand on an overall story-arc, so all I can say so far... :trixieshiftleft: This is just the beginning... :trixieshiftright:

A zombie named after Mary Shelley!? That just made my day!

Not sure why, but Cosgrove's cutie mark story reminds me of LIttlefoot.


Basically, the Pony Cosgrove has a few aspects of Littlefoot, such as both living with their grandparents after their mother's were killed (although I don't plan on giving the former a father figure), with a few aspects from Dick Grayson (his circus story) and Tim Drake (him being a student under a set of important rules). Surprised that just now someone caught on that.

Edit: The fact that I have placed him in quite a few lethal situations (The Edge and Techno Magic War for instance), there is a little Jason Todd in there as well to balance him out from Spike.

6732961 So Cosgrove's basically Littlefoot with Robin's backstory?


:eeyup: Eeyup

Though this pattern isn't much repeated in Rise of the Maximals (As the Human Cosgrove has a living biological family, with the adoption niche going to the Human Sunset Shimmer), but it has been basically parodied in MLP: The Land Before Time. :twilightsheepish:

6734642 You're including the mirror dimension?


Yes, I plan to do a New Timeline version of the first Equestria Girls movie as a separate story (it would be a very heavy revamp) after I finish the upcoming New Year's chapter.

In fact the first two Land Before Time Crossovers (surprisingly, there are very few LBT related fics here, I'm the first to take an Equestria Girls route) and Rise of the Maximals (as you found) takes place in the world beyond the mirror.

I also plan three more stories set in said world, the third of which is said in 2nd person after the first two stories lead up to it (the second of which is a Month of Love story).

And thus I get to practice my Jean Luc Picard impression as Starswirl, and might I say it is a most marvelous impression indeed :)

I will be voicing this soon @Jongoji245

Correct me if i am wrong but the mirror was at canterlot and was sent to the crystal empire only on its return after a 1000 years. I am too lazy to research.:derpytongue2:


This cavalcade of stories takes place in an alternate universe; Discord, Screwball, and Pinkie Pie altered several elements of the original franchise including moving the Crystal Mirror to the Crystal Empire before it vanished.

What's a regenerative ability?


:rainbowhuh: You know, heal, like Godzilla or Wolverine.

7593783 Oooh!
And for some reason, I don't get notified when you reply to my comments. I just saw your reply when I decided to read a few comments.

Okay, I have now read the first two chapters. These are my conclusions:

The biggest problems first.

1) You don't hold onto one tense.

Discord and Screwball kneel on one leg, both concluding, "Till then."
The deep silence was interrupted by the sound of hooves clapping. They turned around and found Pinkie Pie happily clapping her hooves with a massive grin.

Just for example; in the first sentence is the present tense, in the second past tense. There could be just one. Which doesn't really matter, people usually find the past one easier.

2) Lack of descriptions.
Again an example; in the very first paragraph, you say that Discord and Screwball are floating aroun and suddenly they are in a house. It might have been the chaos dimension, but the trouble is that it still gets the reader quite confused. Other too weird part was:

Discord opened his paw, revealing his head.

There was his head under the paw? Just why, how? Or was there something that resembled his head?

Now to some other things:

"Oh, I love comedy skits!" -Pinkie bounced around Discord and Screwball- "One time, I put on a puppet show..."

You can use the - X - in a sentence like: "Zecora - the zebra I told you about before - helped me with this."
In your case, the dash at the beginning and end of the sentence are completely needless.



I believe this was just some autocorrection trouble. Or maybe was it meant as a nickname?

I reckon it would have been a nice read, I really enjoyed the Hamlet scene and Starswirl's notes. But sadly, the confusing parts take out quite a lot.

Best regards

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