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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.



This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls (New Timeline Version)

There is this old saying: "There is nothing like an outdoor experience to bring forth a whole new you."

Or so many would think.

With July just around the corner, the Rainbooms decide to bring the Dazzlings over to Camp Friendship. But with their reputation based on just a few days in Estes Park, not everyone agrees to this. Will the camping experience bring the better of them, or will they still be even worse than before in the wild?

Occurs in the New Timeline in the summer after Rainbow Rocks and before "It Came from the Mysterious Beyond"

Promoted 2/2/2016

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What the buck???
THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY, people! !! :flutterrage:

It's hard to somtime understand who is speaking and about what they are speaking. Scenes are changing very fast without indication they changed.

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