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(Takes place before Crusaders Of The Lost Mark)

The CMC have plotted a lot of ways to get their cutie mark, but failed in every attempt. Desperate to find their cutie mark, they decide to help out around Ponyville, trying each deed to see if they can earn their special talent.

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"Hey, Trixie," Apple Bloom said, standing at Trixie's side.
"Eep!" Trixie fell off the stage, startled by Apple Bloom's appearance. The crowd was suddenly throwing tomatoes at the stage.


:rainbowlaugh: Fan-tastic~ I always do love reading about hilarious adventures of the CMC.

When she removed the cup, the chocolate was gone. But when she put the cup back down, and removed it again, the chocolate was still gone. When she turned to one of her assistants, Sweetie Belle was munching on the chocolate. Trixie shot her a glare.
"What? You said you would make it disappear, so I helped you," Sweetie Belle said.

I would totally be the one that does this :rainbowlaugh:

That was a funny and cute one-shot:rainbowlaugh:! Ah, you gotta love the cmc:heart:!

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