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(New Update: We have our first chunk of Canon! Under the Canon thus far thread Go check it out!)

(Important Update Regarding Canon: It has been brought to my attention that there's a better way to cement whether something is canon or not, and that's by creating polls. I like this idea, as it will let the voice of many create what we want, rather than a select few. While in some regards this is my brainchild, it's not meant for just me. I want all to benifit from this, so look out for polls in the future and keep giving those great ideas and suggestions :pinkiehappy:. If you have any questions about things, ask a Mod. A list of them are in the Welcome Mods thread.

Regarding art style: We have picked an art style, and have the okay from the original creator of the art style to use it as we will. So all you artist, start creating fun characters. Here's an example of the art style. More examples can be found in the canon thread.

That's it for now. Keep checking every day for new updates.

This is a free place to share stuff, but we only want the best of the best to be canon, and something that we all think would work in this world we're creating)

Welcome to Ferrier Falls, a land far away from Equestria. This group is dedicated for making a fan made spin off of MLP without all the copyrighted nonsense. Our goal is to form a public domain pony land where artist, authors, merchants, and content creators of all types can share in their love of ponies without the Hasbro breathing down our necks and stopping creative minds from creating awesome content.

This is a very new work, and will take some time as Ferrier Falls' official art work, cannon, and society get set up, but we welcome all with creative minds to help build the world.

But how can you help? In the forums you can create a thread to share your idea of what should be included in this new land of Ferrier Falls. However, not all good things can be implemented. Here's some things that can't be used because they're subject to copyright, or too similar to Hasbro's MLP to be used.

-MLP show art style (If it looks too close to the show, Hasbro's going to say no. I'm seeking a new art style, but if you are an artist and want to help create the new Official art style for our spin off, please share!)

-Cutiemarks (They are copyrighted, and have been in the show since it began. There have been ideas about symbols that can be worn to show what profession a pony is in, but that's up for discussion.)

-Alicorns, Changelings, Draconequus (Alicorns and Draconequuses are Hasbro made, as far as I know, and while the word Changelings wasn't invented by Hasbro, the looks are, so to stay out of sticky situations, these races are not going to make it to Ferrier Falls.)

-Show characters and locations (As all locations and characters are trademarked, they cannot be used in Ferrier Falls. However, that doesn't stop you from writing a crossover and posting it here. But anything not on fimfiction cannot have any of Hasbro made characters or locations.)

-Hasbro ideas (Elements of Harmony, Tree of Harmony, a deity that raises the sun and the moon, this is of the old world. Hasbro's world. Ours is one of new lore, and works differently. These things cannot be accepted, as Hasbro could claim it as a copy.)

That list sounds exhausting, and bleak, eh? But there are many things that can be here.

-races other than ponies (Ferrier Falls is home to more than just ponies. Dragons, Griffins, Foxes, Dogs, even humans and Deer have shown up and all work in harmony! Have some fun with it, because Ferrier Falls welcomes all, unless you like to cause trouble. They have their own spot in the Wicked Woods {name is up for discussion.})

-New lands (Ferrier Falls is a unique place outside of Equestria. Where? That's the thing, no pony knows. For some reason, once every few years a portal opens up and new characters stumble in having gotten lost in the woods, or the mountains, or the dessert, or even at sea! It's a new land with unexplored boundaries, and some even suspect it's an undiscovered dimensions of Equestria itself. No one really knows.)

-New lore and canon (Past, Future, and Present. So much new is happening here, and there. Anything is possible! Rock Slide might have fended off an entire band of bandits to save the Whisper's Wood mill, or Sonnet Rose might have helped found The Common Crafter's who built the Ferrier's Bridge. Wars might have happened long ago. We really need to get all this history down.)

Lots of things need to happen, and one pony can't do it alone. After enough discussions are had, and art gathered, and lore created, we will make a place to post all of it as public domain (or Creative Commons?), so Ferrier Falls can be free to use by all without the involvement of Hasbro!

This is a place for us to band together and build our own place, and have a place where, if you so choose to, you can choose to create and sell your works without Hasbro shutting you down if they don't like you.

So Welcome to Ferrier Falls, a new land for My Little Pony Fans to create fan content freely!

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Whatever happened to this? Far as I can tell, it's been over three years since there's been any action.

412573 good to hear. I wanted the canon up so it give people a chance to get head canon established while I'm gone. I hope.

412572 Your welcome. Making an entire universe isn't easy. I would know. That's what "Project: Spellbound" is, me creating my own alternate universe with my own rules on how magic works and what species exist in it. There's a lot to do, from translating things into Latin or other languages to thinking of interesting plot twist (like with Applejack being a Not telling) to making up an entire history and mythology. Luckily, I'm good at world building, and I know that this idea doesn't have to take advantage of a certain character's popularity (*couch**cough*Lunaverse*cough*). I'm excited to publish it.

412571 yeaaaah, I'm in a scramble as I've been getting ready for a wedding. I plan to organize things better, but I'm doing the best with what I have.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

412570 (I don't mean for this to sound rude but...) Well excuse me for not seeing that before. You should probably have made it easier to see, like putting it at the top of the thread in place of the word "Octo". People don't normally prioritize Octopi over Fish (or in this case, Horse-Octopus hybrids over Horse-Fish hybrids). Well, not unless you're talking about "Splatoon" or something similar (and we're not).

It's confusing, to say the least. This is why I'm planning everything out before I officially premiere "Project: Spellbound". (I can give you exclusive access to it that not many other people have if you want.)

412569 the already are. Check the Canon This Far thread.

412568 Hey, how do you feel about adding Hippocampi to the list of species canon creatures that exist in this universe.

Why? Well, not only do I just love Hippocampi and think they are under appreciated, but it would help with world building. Plus, it seems that Hippocampi will become canon to the show in the 2017 MLP movie. Why not beat Hasbro to the punch?

412485 If only...if only...

Comment posted by Atlantis Productions deleted Sep 28th, 2016

Thank you for the invite

Just to mention, cutie marks may be copyrighted, but marks that appear on you at a meaningful moment aren't necessarily. This is a trailer from "The Lion Guard". Take a look at the ending...


--Sweetie Belle

I saw your earlier post about this, and I'm intrigued. Not sure about letting everyone add their own creations as that could get out of hand. At least that's what I gathered from that one post, correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe think about moderating what is Canon in that respect for this?

Hm. This is... Ambitious. Gonna lurk to see how it progresses.

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