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This story is a sequel to Discord Writes Fanfiction

Discord spins another story that will annoy the heck out of Twilight again.

Let's see how this goes, shall we?

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Does this mean we get weekly updates on how discord tourtures twilight?

A fanfiction... Within a fanfiction...

Best moral ever 100/10 :pinkiehappy:

Oh, oh dear poor Twilight.. I feel for you.... Did Twilight the Peach have wings and a horn? Discy has operated the Twilight Laser Beam which she used in the epic battle against the changelings!!!!


Yes, she did. Too bad she didn't use them though, even though we all know Discord wrote it like that on purpose :trollestia:

I have a classmate like discord and I write annoying fanfics to wind him up! It's to get him back... Maybe Twilight is planning to do the same!

Hey Sparkletop! I have this amazing fanfic on hold. I wanted to publish it.... I was wondering if you have any idea what to add to it?? I'll send you the main parts of the story later........

Aaand I'm done with this too :rainbowlaugh:
It's not quite as original as the first one, but that whole fact is what makes it funnier. Discy D is truly a terrible writer xD

Not to be picky, but

"Yes, but I know but of those characters fit your personality so well, I decided to make them both you," Discord replied.

This sentence needs some work. Aside from that, great fic!

That is the best moral ever

The best parody to criticize the ones who doesn't like your work.

What I liked the most was the ending!

It's a fanfiction inside a fanfiction. It's inception! For fanfics!

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