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Melody Scratch

"Love can be your greatest strength but if your not careful it will become your greatest downfall and eventually lead to your own demise." ~Melly(me)

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"Hi there peeps I'm Lady Vicenza Staccato 17 years old I'm the heir to the vampire throne Daughter of Queen Paulet Staccato and King Lorand Staccato in the supernatural world that is. In the human world, everyone knows me as Vinyl Scratch DJ extraordinar daughter of the famous Photo Finish and Lorance Scratch"
"Hello I'm Princess Octavia Philharmonica 17 years of age the heir to the lycan throne Daughter of Queen Melodious Philharmonica and King Roland Philharmonica, but in the human world I am Octavia Melody the youngest cellist to be accepted into the Canterlot Royal Orchestra."

borrowing some characters from my pal Deathsia edited by DerpyMuffin7, Uncle Falloutand My co-writer The Pony of Darkness

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