Wub Me

by Melody Scratch

First published

This is a story of the supernatual love and a story of forbidden love between two musicians

"Hi there peeps I'm Lady Vicenza Staccato 17 years old I'm the heir to the vampire throne Daughter of Queen Paulet Staccato and King Lorand Staccato in the supernatural world that is. In the human world, everyone knows me as Vinyl Scratch DJ extraordinar daughter of the famous Photo Finish and Lorance Scratch"
"Hello I'm Princess Octavia Philharmonica 17 years of age the heir to the lycan throne Daughter of Queen Melodious Philharmonica and King Roland Philharmonica, but in the human world I am Octavia Melody the youngest cellist to be accepted into the Canterlot Royal Orchestra."

borrowing some characters from my pal Deathsia edited by DerpyMuffin7, Uncle Falloutand My co-writer The Pony of Darkness

[Slightly based off of blue exorcist and whatever shows/books my 13yr old self enjoyed]

[Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot some settings and a few OC's]


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Melodious University of Canterlot; Canterlot's most prestigious music school. My Name Is Melanie Staccato aka Melody Scratch :twilightsmile: and before you ask yes I'm the Daughter of the Famous DJ Pon3 and the Octavia Philharmonica:facehoof: like seriously why is it so shocking every fillyfooling couple can have kids of their own with a simple spell or potion these days. Anyway let's get back on track the reason I'm here is because I plan on telling the story of my parents, mostly on my mother's ( Octavia ) point of view because it's most likely the most truthful version but don't worry I'll include mum's (Vinyl's) side of the story so it doesn't put u to sleep *snickers* just don- *CRASH!!* "VINYL AND AUTUMN GET BACK HERE" *winces* well then I gotta go and keep my big sis and mum from getting killed by my mother for whatever they did this time

Melly out ;)

Chapter 1: Refound Love <3

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My name is Octavia Staccato And This is my story of life and finding true love.

(Setting: Renaissance University of Canterlot; Canterlot's most prestigious music school.)
As the school year begins many of this years freshman arrived through the front gates in all different types of limos or cars, and the ones gifted with flight flew. The campus itself was vastly large with large buildings for all different types of musical theories, audio productions, dorms, etc. you name it they most likely had a building for it.

As the time flew by almost all movement halted when a black and purple limo's door opened revealing the school's most prestigious student. She was known as the Melancholy Angel, it was said that anyone who was blessed enough to hear the hauntingly somber resonance of her cello would see all they're woo's dance away to her songs. With silky jet black hair, piercing amethyst eyes, and a perfect hourglass figure. Dressed in a grey blouse witha white dress shirt and adorning a pink bowtie, every step she took was not but graceful. For her name was Octavia Philharmonica, the youngest person accepted into Canterlot's Royal Orchestra at the age of 15, first cellist. Now 2 years later at the age of 17, she arrived at Melodic University for the first time as a student.

Everyone moved out to the side as she walked by, some murmuring about how much more superior she is to them despite being the same age as her as others gushed about her groom. On her right was her groom to be Noteworthy escorting her to her dorm and to her left was her best and practically only friend Bon Bon. As they finally approached the Royal Girls dorm (a special dorm for the wealthiest female students) Octavia stopped to face Noteworthy.

"You don't have to follow me everywhere I go you know I am quite capable of walking by myself," Octavia said irritably getting tired of him constantly hovering over her. Truth be told she only tolerated him because of their arranged marriage and because of her parent's request.

"Why of course my dear what if one or more of these commoners get too close to you if I'm not here?" Noteworthy asked reassuringly.

By now Octavia was about to blow up in his face again like she normally did when Noteworthy started getting too clingy the only things keeping her together was the huge crowd of people around them and Bon Bon who was helping her take deep breaths.

"That's why Bon Bon is here now I highly suggest that you go back to your estate before people start getting the wrong idea about you entering a girls dormitory because it already looks bad enough that you are already a college graduate." Octavia's voice getting louder by the second.

"Yes, of course, love goodbye" Noteworthy tried to lean in for a kiss goodbye but only received a slap as Octavia stormed off inside the dorm looking for her room. Bon Bon just rolled her eyes and ran after her as the crowd looks at him as he silently fumes.

~In the dorm~

"The nerve of him! He know damn well I would never kiss him, I'd rather get shot down than kiss him." Octavia fumed loudly in the elevator on her way to her room 214 at the top floor.

"Octavia!!" Bon Bon shouted shaking her slightly to get her to calm down a bit. "Do you really want your new roommate's first impression of you to be you screaming bloody murder I know that your temper is increased drastically when it gets closer to the full moon but still this is going a bit far even for you. Is there something bothering you?" Bon asked concern obvious in her tone.

"Yes, I suppose I wouldn't want to scare the poor dear. But you are right as usual, I don't want her to see me as something I'm not or treat me differently from everyone else just because of who I am and my social standings I just want her to see me for me." Octavia said slightly deflated.

"Don't worry your pretty little head Octavia with that temper of yours I think she might be too afraid to even talk to you." Bon Bon said jokingly earning a playful punch from Octavia. "But seriously you have nothing to worry about and if that happens you always have me or that little girlfriend of yours." Bon Bon said with a knowing smile.

That caused Octavia to turn a beet red " S-she's just a childhood friend who I haven't seen in 10 years and besides I'm already engaged to Noteworthy whether I like it or not." Octavia added bitterly at the end.

"Oh really cause from what I remember you telling me you said that you promised to become her bride when you grew up for whatever reason and now lookie here an all grown up Octavia and cheating on her beloved wife-to-be with the sorry excuse for a man that her parents hooked her up with." Bon Bon taunts, with a cheshire grin like no other, as Octavia turn a bright red. The only thing keeping her from Octavia's murderous kick was the elevator opening showing that they reached the penthouse dorm greeting them was the loudest bass drop Octavia heard and an eccentric wild two-toned blue haired girl with violet glasses.

"WELCOME HOME TAVI!!" Shouted the DJ as she attempted to pounce Octavia but instead got sent flying as Octavia accidentally roundhouse kicked her. To Octavia's surprise, she landed gently and perfectly on her feet, As Octavia ran and started apologizing the girl started to speak again "Geez Tavi. I know you said you were practicing your kicks but I never thought you were that strong geez not even by brother can throw me that far in our practice sparse" She said in awe.

Octavia blinked in surprise she never told anyone about her self-defense practices except- "Wait a second, Vinyl is that you?"

"Yup the one and only," she said grinning wolfishly showing off her mighty fangs as she watches Bon Bon slowly go back into the elevator going to her own room, the next thing Vinyl new she was on the floor in a bone crushing hug from Octavia. "Geez Octy I know I'm awesome and everyone loves me but still."

"Oh hush you it's been oh I don't know 10 years since we last seen each other leave me be and let me have my moment before I start questioning you," Octavia said while nuzzling into Vinyl's chest as Vinyl pet her gently.

Chapter 2: May the classes BEGIN XD

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After Octavia played 150 questions with Vinyl, they talked about what classes they would have but refraining the mentions of the midnight classes the class for all supernatural students (seeing as how one of them had no idea what the other was) they decided to finish setting up they're respective rooms and "hit the hay." Around midnight Octavia snuck out of her room as she started growing a long bushy gray tail and her fangs grew at least 2 inches longer as her hair grew longer and wilder by the second her nose turned a charcoal black and cold her eyes turning predatory. Once she finished transforming she dashed out of the building faster than the speed of light off campus and into the night heading towards the old school buildings.

A few minutes later a tired looking vampire awoken and stretched a bit and happily heard a 'pop' as she removed the crick in her back. After Vinyl had gotten dressed and prepared a cup of coffee. She snapped her fingers and teleported to the old school buildings at the same time erasing all footage of the night's supernatural activity.

~ In the old School Buildings~

When Octavia arrived at the Midnight School buildings, she changed into her suit and walked into the teacher's lounge to review her lessons and to study her student's names but one name stood out the most Lady Vicenza Staccato she thought happily only to have her mood soured by remembering the last conversation she had with her band mate/advisor.


"Stop this foolishness, your highness, vampires are made to be slain those blood sucking monsters deserve nothing le-" Fredric was abruptly cut off with a slap as Octavia looked at him with watery eyes.

"If their blood sucking murderous monsters than what does that make us. Unlike us, they only have a few out there that drain humans of their blood to survive but at least they aren't killing humans at all, but us, on the other hand, we are seducing humans in their sleep and devour their souls for the fun of it!!!" Octavia roared in anger."It's because of bias accusation like those that keeps our races separated!" Octavia said final snapping and started full out crying. Then she ran away as fast as she could not once turning back, and it was the last time they spoke.


That was 6 months ago. Octavia sighed and checked the time and saw that it was about time to start her class so she packed up her things and headed towards her assigned classroom.

When Vinyl finally arrived at her classroom she was surprised to see how small the class was when it came to mortal combat. When she finally got over it and made it to her desk and started to drink a cup of coffee less than 5 seconds later did she do a spit take and choke a bit on her coffee as their teacher walked in? The teacher had long messy jet black hair, pearly white fangs, gray-furred wolf ears and tail, and heart-stopping amethyst eyes.

"Goodnight class I am to be your teacher in the arts of stealth and combat my true title is Princess Octavia Philharmonica heiress to the Underworld throne, you may address me as Ms. Philharmonica. As I am sure you are aware that I am about the same age as you I was chosen to teach because I am the youngest warrior to ever graduate this school you might also see me at the regular school under my code name Octavia Melody. Now may I ask that all questions be saved for after attendance please and thank you. Now-" Octavia was quickly interrupted by a certain vampire who finally got over her coughing fit.

"WAIT ONE DAMN SECOND!!" Vinyl shouted.

"Is something the matter Lady Staccato would you like to go to the nurse after that horrible coughing fit you had? I will permit it." Octavia said with a devilish grin knowing fully that she was getting under her skin.

"Cut the crap Octy me and you gotta talk right now." Vinyl said in a tone that said she wasn't playing around as she stood up. Octavia's reply did nothing to elevate her distress, if anything it infuriated her more.

"I'm sorry Lady Staccato but we are in the middle of class we can talk later," Octavia said sweetly with an apologetic smile, whereas the rest of the class started to hide under their desks knowing how the two races have been at each other's throats for trillions of years.

"OCTAVIA!!" Vinyl Shouted finally losing her temper as she ran up to pin Octavia down Octavia sidestepped and then pinned Vinyl against the wall. after a few seconds to wait for Vinyl to realize that she wasn't going to get anywhere she leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Behave yourself, I'm sorry I never told you who I really was but in reality, I only accepted that you are the vampire heiress just now love. So when we get back to the dorm I'll tell you everything I know and I'll even give you a reward for waiting so long." Octavia said with a nip on her ear to emphasize her point earning a purr and blush from Vinyl.

"Fine but I expect the truth, Octavia." Vinyl agreed and walked back to her seat.

Class continued as planned without any further disturbances. When it was time to transition classes Octavia went to the teacher's lounge only to see the one person she despised the most. She tried to ignore his presence and tried walking around him but then he grabbed her arm.

"I know you have better manners than that." Noteworthy aka Nathaniel West said obvious disappointment in his voice. Octavia flipped him and yanked her arm away from him.

"I apologize, sir, I am not comfortable with creepy stalkers touching or talking with me so please do the world a favor and eradicate your existence," Octavia said coldly. Nathaniel got up and snarled.

"How dare you, you ungrateful ingrate I am your husband and I demand to be treated as such!" he said raising his hand to slap her only to find himself on the floor screaming like a little girl as Octavia punched him in the balls, spat on him and glared.

"You are not my husband and you never will be, what the bloody hell don't you understand about that I don't love you nor do I even like you I'll never be yours damn it." Octavia's voice getting softer and softer as a dangerously large negative aura built around her as her eyes became more predatory by the second. An alarm went off as Nathaniel started to back away from Octavia as her body transformed into something you can only imagine after reading a horror novel, Octavia's fangs sharpened her nails turned into claws that could easily cut through a diamond, charcoal black wings sprouted from her back. Just as she was about to finish transforming to her true form she heard a small voice.

"Tavi." Octavia turned her murderous glare from Noteworthy and towards the direction the voice was coming from only for it to soften at the sight that awaited her when she saw who it was. It was Vinyl looking at her crimson eyes full of fear. Octavia backed away from Vinyl her eyes filling with tears as she realized what she had done. 'I scared Vinyl.' that thought echoed in her head she scared Vinyl her best friend the love of her life, But as an even scarier realization came upon her blood ran cold 'I almost attacked her' at that thought Octavia ran from the room off to the roof where she jumped and flew away somewhere.