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Melody Scratch

Good and Evil are nothing more than two sides of the same coin for where you may one as evil other see as a hero.


"Hi there peeps I'm Lady Vicenza Staccato 17 years old I'm the heir to the vampire throne Daughter of Queen Paulet Staccato and King Lorand Staccato in the supernatural world that is. In the human world, everyone knows me as Vinyl Scratch DJ extraordinar daughter of the famous Photo Finish and Lorance Scratch"
"Hello I'm Princess Octavia Philharmonica 17 years of age the heir to the lycan throne Daughter of Queen Melodious Philharmonica and King Roland Philharmonica, but in the human world I am Octavia Melody the youngest cellist to be accepted into the Canterlot Royal Orchestra."

borrowing some characters from my pal Deathsia edited by DerpyMuffin7, Uncle Falloutand My co-writer The Pony of Darkness

[Slightly based off of blue exorcist and whatever shows/books my 13yr old self enjoyed]

[Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot some settings and a few OC's]

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Melodious University of Canterlot; Canterlot's most prestigious music school. My Name Is Melody Scratch :twilightsmile: and before you ask yes I'm the Daughter of the Famous DJ Pon3 and the Octavia Philharmonica:facehoof: like seriously why is it so shocking every gay couple can have kids of their own with a simple spell or potion these days. anyway let's get back on track the reason I'm here is because I plan on telling the story of my parents, mostly on my mothers ( Octavia ) point of view because it's most likely the most truthful version.

anyway- Capalize it. Anyway.

You shouldn't have Twilight faces. Just words.

The end. :rainbowlaugh:

7166348 just fix it yourself you silly pony:rainbowlaugh:

7166388 I know what you mean. But I don't have that option. :ajsleepy:

7166442 send me the google docs thingy i need so i can do it my self:ajbemused:

This needs a lot of editing.

Chapter 1: Refound Love <3

Ha! What kind of a name is that? 'Refound Love'. Refound isn't even a word! What kind of a idiot made that name *Casually drinks water*

This story does need some work, however I think it has a lot of potential! I wish you luck in the future of this story :twilightsmile:

And I've left you a like :heart:

8060079 I came up with that name you jerk XD

8060079 thanks and ya i'm looking for an editior

This sounds pretty interesting. I can't wait to read more.

8076589 I might post another chapter some time this week or next week

Hey this story seems interesting. I am always a sucker for the werewolf/vampire fics and I am an even bigger fan of octascratch. I think the only thing you need to work on in your story so far is Octavia's monster breed for you first state she is a werewolf which is an awesome creature but then you list her as a succubus or other form of devil. I just ask you to choose your race and go with it for this story has the makings of a great story.

hey when are you going to update this story?

Much smoother than before amazing.

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