• Published 30th Mar 2017
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Wub Me - Melody Scratch

This is a story of the supernatual love and a story of forbidden love between two musicians

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Chapter 1: Refound Love <3

My name is Octavia Staccato And This is my story of life and finding true love.

(Setting: Renaissance University of Canterlot; Canterlot's most prestigious music school.)
As the school year begins many of this years freshman arrived through the front gates in all different types of limos or cars, and the ones gifted with flight flew. The campus itself was vastly large with large buildings for all different types of musical theories, audio productions, dorms, etc. you name it they most likely had a building for it.

As the time flew by almost all movement halted when a black and purple limo's door opened revealing the school's most prestigious student. She was known as the Melancholy Angel, it was said that anyone who was blessed enough to hear the hauntingly somber resonance of her cello would see all they're woo's dance away to her songs. With silky jet black hair, piercing amethyst eyes, and a perfect hourglass figure. Dressed in a grey blouse witha white dress shirt and adorning a pink bowtie, every step she took was not but graceful. For her name was Octavia Philharmonica, the youngest person accepted into Canterlot's Royal Orchestra at the age of 15, first cellist. Now 2 years later at the age of 17, she arrived at Melodic University for the first time as a student.

Everyone moved out to the side as she walked by, some murmuring about how much more superior she is to them despite being the same age as her as others gushed about her groom. On her right was her groom to be Noteworthy escorting her to her dorm and to her left was her best and practically only friend Bon Bon. As they finally approached the Royal Girls dorm (a special dorm for the wealthiest female students) Octavia stopped to face Noteworthy.

"You don't have to follow me everywhere I go you know I am quite capable of walking by myself," Octavia said irritably getting tired of him constantly hovering over her. Truth be told she only tolerated him because of their arranged marriage and because of her parent's request.

"Why of course my dear what if one or more of these commoners get too close to you if I'm not here?" Noteworthy asked reassuringly.

By now Octavia was about to blow up in his face again like she normally did when Noteworthy started getting too clingy the only things keeping her together was the huge crowd of people around them and Bon Bon who was helping her take deep breaths.

"That's why Bon Bon is here now I highly suggest that you go back to your estate before people start getting the wrong idea about you entering a girls dormitory because it already looks bad enough that you are already a college graduate." Octavia's voice getting louder by the second.

"Yes, of course, love goodbye" Noteworthy tried to lean in for a kiss goodbye but only received a slap as Octavia stormed off inside the dorm looking for her room. Bon Bon just rolled her eyes and ran after her as the crowd looks at him as he silently fumes.

~In the dorm~

"The nerve of him! He know damn well I would never kiss him, I'd rather get shot down than kiss him." Octavia fumed loudly in the elevator on her way to her room 214 at the top floor.

"Octavia!!" Bon Bon shouted shaking her slightly to get her to calm down a bit. "Do you really want your new roommate's first impression of you to be you screaming bloody murder I know that your temper is increased drastically when it gets closer to the full moon but still this is going a bit far even for you. Is there something bothering you?" Bon asked concern obvious in her tone.

"Yes, I suppose I wouldn't want to scare the poor dear. But you are right as usual, I don't want her to see me as something I'm not or treat me differently from everyone else just because of who I am and my social standings I just want her to see me for me." Octavia said slightly deflated.

"Don't worry your pretty little head Octavia with that temper of yours I think she might be too afraid to even talk to you." Bon Bon said jokingly earning a playful punch from Octavia. "But seriously you have nothing to worry about and if that happens you always have me or that little girlfriend of yours." Bon Bon said with a knowing smile.

That caused Octavia to turn a beet red " S-she's just a childhood friend who I haven't seen in 10 years and besides I'm already engaged to Noteworthy whether I like it or not." Octavia added bitterly at the end.

"Oh really cause from what I remember you telling me you said that you promised to become her bride when you grew up for whatever reason and now lookie here an all grown up Octavia and cheating on her beloved wife-to-be with the sorry excuse for a man that her parents hooked her up with." Bon Bon taunts, with a cheshire grin like no other, as Octavia turn a bright red. The only thing keeping her from Octavia's murderous kick was the elevator opening showing that they reached the penthouse dorm greeting them was the loudest bass drop Octavia heard and an eccentric wild two-toned blue haired girl with violet glasses.

"WELCOME HOME TAVI!!" Shouted the DJ as she attempted to pounce Octavia but instead got sent flying as Octavia accidentally roundhouse kicked her. To Octavia's surprise, she landed gently and perfectly on her feet, As Octavia ran and started apologizing the girl started to speak again "Geez Tavi. I know you said you were practicing your kicks but I never thought you were that strong geez not even by brother can throw me that far in our practice sparse" She said in awe.

Octavia blinked in surprise she never told anyone about her self-defense practices except- "Wait a second, Vinyl is that you?"

"Yup the one and only," she said grinning wolfishly showing off her mighty fangs as she watches Bon Bon slowly go back into the elevator going to her own room, the next thing Vinyl new she was on the floor in a bone crushing hug from Octavia. "Geez Octy I know I'm awesome and everyone loves me but still."

"Oh hush you it's been oh I don't know 10 years since we last seen each other leave me be and let me have my moment before I start questioning you," Octavia said while nuzzling into Vinyl's chest as Vinyl pet her gently.

Author's Note:

finally first chapter is done *falls backwards onto bed*:pinkiehappy:
Re-write done 13-1-2020

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