• Published 30th Mar 2017
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Wub Me - Melody Scratch

This is a story of the supernatual love and a story of forbidden love between two musicians

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Author's Note:

Hi this is my first fic so please be as bitchy as you want but warning you right now if you start say shit that is supposed to be offencive I'm gonna take it as a compliment to aggravate you:rainbowwild:

Melodious University of Canterlot; Canterlot's most prestigious music school. My Name Is Melanie Staccato aka Melody Scratch :twilightsmile: and before you ask yes I'm the Daughter of the Famous DJ Pon3 and the Octavia Philharmonica:facehoof: like seriously why is it so shocking every fillyfooling couple can have kids of their own with a simple spell or potion these days. Anyway let's get back on track the reason I'm here is because I plan on telling the story of my parents, mostly on my mother's ( Octavia ) point of view because it's most likely the most truthful version but don't worry I'll include mum's (Vinyl's) side of the story so it doesn't put u to sleep *snickers* just don- *CRASH!!* "VINYL AND AUTUMN GET BACK HERE" *winces* well then I gotta go and keep my big sis and mum from getting killed by my mother for whatever they did this time

Melly out ;)

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