Wub Me

by Melody Scratch


Melodious University of Canterlot; Canterlot's most prestigious music school. My Name Is Melanie Staccato aka Melody Scratch :twilightsmile: and before you ask yes I'm the Daughter of the Famous DJ Pon3 and the Octavia Philharmonica:facehoof: like seriously why is it so shocking every fillyfooling couple can have kids of their own with a simple spell or potion these days. Anyway let's get back on track the reason I'm here is because I plan on telling the story of my parents, mostly on my mother's ( Octavia ) point of view because it's most likely the most truthful version but don't worry I'll include mum's (Vinyl's) side of the story so it doesn't put u to sleep *snickers* just don- *CRASH!!* "VINYL AND AUTUMN GET BACK HERE" *winces* well then I gotta go and keep my big sis and mum from getting killed by my mother for whatever they did this time

Melly out ;)