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German Brony. Sits around, reads a lot and drinks hot tea. Not much more to say.


Rainbow Apples on hiatus? · 7:47pm Mar 14th, 2016

Hey there.

I have put Rainbow Apples on hiatus as, for the moment, I just do not have the courage to write on this story at all. I know for a fact, that I want to get the first chapter re-written sometime, but not at the moment. I rather focus on another story wich should come up sometime soon. Please do note, that Rainbow Apples is NOT cancelled. It will be continued, but not in the near future.

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Hello I guess...

Hey there, names DashApples.

At first, a little bit about myself:

I am a boy at the age of 18.
I live in Germany and do rescue swimming as a sport.
I am an really untalentated author, but I try anyways.
I like cats...

So yeah.. thats the basics I guess...
I love MLP and reading good storys/ books, so I made an account on FIMFiction. I have watched all episodes of the show at least once and loved them all the way.

Oh, yeah... My favorite main character is Rainbow Dash
My favorite pony's are: Vinyl Scratch, Scootaloo and Octavia.

I like pairings of ChickenSoup (just... Don't ask. I don't really know for myself...),
OctaScratch and AppleDash.

I guess thats it...

Any more questiones? Just pm me and who knows... Maybe the one and only DASHAPPLES is going to answer you. :P

Liked :)

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no worrys. i liked ur profile :P

Hey, thanks for the watch!

2239205 Don't worry. I do. :twilightsmile: Even if your not on often, I am glad you joined. :twilightsmile:

2239151 Sounds good. Hope you do have enought uncomplicated people tho, since im not on here that much no more.

2239098 I see. I believe we are good. Bur I'll make sure to talk to you, if we don't have enough people. :twilightsmile:

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