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I am Sky Flare. I am an English major in college who writes both for this site and actual books. Constructive input is always appreciated. Twilight Sparkle is best pony.

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This story is currently on Hiatus as a result of schoolwork being incredibly mean. It keeps insulting me and I'm not getting a chance to write on this story. I am sorry if you enjoyed it. I will get back to writing on this one if I ever get a chance and am in the right mindset, but as it stands, this story is not near the top of my priority list right now.

Spark was an average unicorn in an average village with an average marefriend and a well above average family. The village that he called home was entirely populated by earth ponies, everyone that is, except for his parents and sister. He was born to a family of unicorns, but being without magic, he sought a way to obtain it, researching magic in almost every free moment he had.
Everything changed when a strange unicorn moved into town. After a single, unfortunate event, he finds himself in an alternate Equestria with a strange unicorn and a new goal, to find the mare he loved.

UPDATE SCHEDULE - Uncertain. I will work on writing the rest of the story as it comes to me, but due to an apparent lack of interest in readers, it is not terribly high on my priorities. However, if you do enjoy the story, please let me know.

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Twilight received a letter from Princess Celestia, requesting her presence in Canterlot for a matter of great importance. What is revealed is something that will permanently change the way that Twilight sees the world.

This story takes place between Magical Mystery Cure and the first Equestria Girls movie and assumes that everything thereafter never happens. Human tag is for additional characters.
This is my first stand-alone one-shot, so I hope that it goes over well. Regardless, I would be grateful if you were to tell me how I did, and where I stand to make improvements. Thank you for your time.

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Midnight Vim needs a quiet place to collect her thoughts, something that she hasn't gotten to do in quite some time. So many things have been happening lately, and she just needs a chance to get her thoughts straight.

This takes place in the Kingdom of Friendship series, before the first story, so it's kind of a prequel in that sense. You don't really need to have read the others for this to make sense, but I think that it might help, seeing as it makes reference to the 9th chapter of Kingdom of Friendship Part 2.

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This story is a sequel to Kingdom of Friendship

Twilight became a princess, the Elements of Harmony were returned to the Harmony Tree, and the Heartless have returned. Now it is up to her to take the Keyblade once more and see what she can do to save, not only Equestria, but a whole different world and bring peace to a third.

Overthrowing a tyrant, killing some heartless, and making new friends. Just another day for Twilight Sparkle.

I recommend reading the first story before this one, and I also think that reading my other story "Guard Bonding". Human tag is for eventual visit to a surprise world for Kingdom Hearts fans. DarkponyD is the one to thank if you like the world once it is visited. He helped me out a lot with that, without him, I might still be stuck there.

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The Goddess was a mighty warrior who wreaked havoc wherever she went when she was still alive, but because she caused so much destruction she was sentenced to death. After death, she went straight to Tartarus where she kicked the god of death out of power and became the Goddess of death.

Let me know of anything in which I can improve this story, because as of right now, I have received next to no input with the exception of people who do not watch the show. Also, suggestions for the second half would not go unappreciated, but I would have to run them by the GoddessOfAwsome.

This was a request by a friend of mine, the GoddessOfAwsome. The cover art is also courtesy of the GoddessOfAwsome. This story is meant more as a joke than anything else, so please do not judge it harshly. My friend was goofing off and made the characters and I offered to write her story for them, so keep in mind that this is meant to be fun when you read.

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Tempest, Raid, and Twister are guards that grew up together since they were only foals. Two pegasi and a unicorn that join the Royal Guard in hopes of protecting ponies and keeping order. A rule change pertaining to the number of guards in a squad is made, forcing them to increase their ranks by one. A pony named Rogue Wind is forced to join this tightly knit group.

This is a single entry Slice of Life story that is going to introduce a few characters that will be appearing in the sequel to my story "Kingdom of Friendship." I am still writing on the sequel, but these characters I felt needed a back story that I couldn't put into the main story.

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Twilight Sparkle wakes up one day and her whole life is gone. Her friends are missing and there are monsters roaming the streets of every town throughout Equestria. What can she do to save her missing friends? And if she does, will her life ever be able to go back to the way it was before?

Twilight begins an epic journey to save her friends from the endless hordes of Heartless. (Note: you don't need to know anything about Kingdom Hearts to read this. This theory has been tested by a group of my friends who know nothing of the game series. Regardless, I recommend the games to everyone, for there are many little Easter Eggs that I've hidden :D)

I am looking for a proofreader, to try and help me with my revisions. I am going back and looking at, and rereleasing each existing chapter of this series, as well as the ones that have yet to be released, making them all into the same format.

Omigoshomigoshomiosh! I was on the featured stories thing! Thank you all so much! You're the best!!
Also, there are some spoilers in the comments, so if you don't want to see them, avoid that section until you are caught up.

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This is the story of a mare named Sky Flare. She was happy with her job as a member of the royal guard for the princesses, but things changed. One day, a mysterious meteor falls onto Equestria, within the crater, a small filly is found. Is there more to this filly than meets the eye? One can only assume, considering the circumstances revolving around her discovery.

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