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I am Sky Flare. I am an English major in college who writes both for this site and actual books. Constructive input is always appreciated. Twilight Sparkle is best pony.


The Goddess was a mighty warrior who wreaked havoc wherever she went when she was still alive, but because she caused so much destruction she was sentenced to death. After death, she went straight to Tartarus where she kicked the god of death out of power and became the Goddess of death.

Let me know of anything in which I can improve this story, because as of right now, I have received next to no input with the exception of people who do not watch the show. Also, suggestions for the second half would not go unappreciated, but I would have to run them by the GoddessOfAwsome.

This was a request by a friend of mine, the GoddessOfAwsome. The cover art is also courtesy of the GoddessOfAwsome. This story is meant more as a joke than anything else, so please do not judge it harshly. My friend was goofing off and made the characters and I offered to write her story for them, so keep in mind that this is meant to be fun when you read.

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