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Hey there. I'm a ninja cyborg wizard zombie named Gary Stu. Nice to meet you too.

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The New and Improved BENXLABS 2.0! · 3:31am Aug 14th, 2014

Hey what's up guys! What? No response? Where'd y'all go? Heh. I must be talking to Invisible Bob again. Anyways, I have finally returned from the dead! After overcoming my addiction to goldfish crackers and Clash of Clans, I have at last returned to writing! As a primary course of action I reread my first story, Anomalous. Of course, it was a grueling process, struggling through my absolutely awful writing, but I endured and persevered!

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Accidentally clicked to unfollow, then refollowed.

Dear author,

I've reviewed your story, "Anomalous", back on Pchan's /fic/ a few days ago.

Click on the link, and your review is in the post it'll bring you to and the one below:


If you've seen it, we'd appreciate an acknowledgement and any concerns, feedback, rebuttals and the like that you may have. Posting in the thread will do.


39553I'm pretty sure you're supposed to ask me a question, Mr. Samaru.

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