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New Sisters coming soon. · 10:00pm Nov 1st, 2015

Sorry I've been so scarce lately. We've been hard at work trying to get the next chapter out before Fallout 4.

Expect an update soon. If the stars align and all my plans come together then we should have something up in about a week.

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Oh hey, it's that thing I'm working on!

And here are those things I really liked.

And those people that keep doing the things with the stuff that I like.

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2372517 You give me hope for fimfiction, man. Might as well carry this to my now-reading list, so I'll get to it all and the new chapter once I finish with my january exams. :pinkiehappy:

2371918 Hoping to release the next chapter before the end of January, actually.

Your story's dead or not?

I'm considering reading but I'm afraid it'll get forgotten...

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