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Update · 6:44pm July 13th

Howdy folks. It's been a while. Way too long, to be honest. I'll give a brief explanation as to why it's been so long in a second, but first lemme give you some news related to the real reason you decided to read this blog.

I have finished writing the first draft of Fallout Equestria: Sisters - Chapter 9. It currently stands at just under 88K words.

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Oh hey, it's that thing I'm working on!

And here are those things I really liked.

And those people that keep doing the things with the stuff that I like.

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2372517 You give me hope for fimfiction, man. Might as well carry this to my now-reading list, so I'll get to it all and the new chapter once I finish with my january exams. :pinkiehappy:

2371918 Hoping to release the next chapter before the end of January, actually.

Your story's dead or not?

I'm considering reading but I'm afraid it'll get forgotten...

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