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Update · 6:44pm Jul 13th, 2017

Howdy folks. It's been a while. Way too long, to be honest. I'll give a brief explanation as to why it's been so long in a second, but first lemme give you some news related to the real reason you decided to read this blog.

I have finished writing the first draft of Fallout Equestria: Sisters - Chapter 9. It currently stands at just under 88K words.

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And here are those things I really liked.

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When's the next Chapter for Sisters coming out? :pinkiecrazy:

Hey Arowid!
I wanted to ask if u have any news for us :D
Would be nice if we got something to know how far u are and how u are :P

Dont stress yourself. Life is more important than work :P


Not entirely sure, to be honest. This whole year has been pretty crazy for me. It's definitely still being worked on, but I've had to devote a lot more of my time to my professional life as of late.

We're still in the writing stages on the next chapter. Hopefully I'll be able to update everyone with some good news pretty soon.

Hi, just wanted to ask you when the next chapter will be realised because I just want to know :D

Also I dont want to stress you or making any trouble :P

2372517 You give me hope for fimfiction, man. Might as well carry this to my now-reading list, so I'll get to it all and the new chapter once I finish with my january exams. :pinkiehappy:

2371918 Hoping to release the next chapter before the end of January, actually.

Your story's dead or not?

I'm considering reading but I'm afraid it'll get forgotten...

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