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It's fanfiction all the way down.


Twilight learns what comes after life ends.

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One of the happier stories about death and the inevitable I've encountered. Thank you for it. And kudos to Starlight for not taking no for an answer.

I swear I've never seen or heard of 'wan' up until this year and now I'm seeing it used everywhere. :unsuresweetie:

Griping little fic. :trixieshiftright: Though I do think Twilight was just playing the broken record after Starlight blatantly pointed out the hypocrisy of her 'I don't matter but you do' argument. :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely well-done for an hour. My latest story is under 4k and writing and editing took a week. :raritydespair:

Still as powerful as the first read
You really knocked it out of the park with this one mate :twilightsmile:


The realest part about this to me was I can't say I would've done any different than either character if I were in their positions.

I actually wrote something with a very similar motif to this recently, but it felt incomplete. This dialed it up to eleven, then on top of that gave it a tidy conclusion that just made so much sense. I really like this.

I like this idea of the Afterlife. A world where time just seems to stop mattering and you just get to enjoy being and experiencing. The idea of ending up there all alone though sounds rather depressing, I feel like it'd be a much more pleasant experience once your friends and family are with you.

Starlight is not the kind of a pony to leave a friend behind as a frozen ghost pony. Even if they seem to be a content frozen ghost pony.

But they’ll remember me. And I’ll remember them. Forever.

Twilight may have some strange concept of how memory works.

That depends though, it's possible that memory in this Afterlife functions differently. Also, she says "Everypony ends up here eventually" so it's possible her friends and family might end up joining her there. Perhaps it's not that everyone ends up alone, but that nobody close enough to Twilight to come with has died to follow her there? If they join her for eternity, then they will certainly remember each other for eternity.

Nice. :)
And I didn't see any errors. :D

(Though I do wonder how universal that experience was. Quite unpleasant for ponies who don't like peace and quiet, and as Twilight said, she did miss her friends. Could be that this is what everyone gets anyway, of course... but I also wonder if there's not some meta-destiny at work, taking into account that this visit was temporary.)

(...Huh. Though, another thing I just realized: apparently some equivalent of plane shifting to the Outer Planes is not within Starlight's repertoire. :D)

That was an unexpected hearhwarming ending.

Short, simple, sweet. Loved it!

There was once a little pony called Twilight, who had a long journey to make. She did not want to go, indeed the whole idea was distasteful to her, but she could not get out of it.

An unusual sort of afterlife. Although if I were Twilight (unlikely, to be sure) I'd want to investigate and track down the management of this afterlife, and register some complaints as well as a checklist of possible improvements. :twilightsmile:

goddamn dude.

Well...it seems that Twilight...doesn't want to go.

Photographic Memory is actually a thing.

Hmm... It's an interesting concept for an afterlife to be sure... and we only ever saw a small part of it to. I could honestly imagine that Fluttershy would have a cottage nearby Twilight's, Applejack would be able to have a farm (granted, one she doesn't need to tend to because it's winter, but Applejack without a farm seems wrong). As for Pinkie and Rarity... I feel like they would have homes nearby, but both of them would travel a lot to see the world or (in the case of Pinkie) visit all her other friends in the afterlife.

An afterlife managed about as well as Pony Hell (Tartarus).

Their world sucks on multiple levels... must be run by public sector unions. :trollestia:

Nice little one-shot, good work. :twilightsmile:

Jesus fuck, that was amazing!

Wonder why the dead are mostly alone?

She extended her hand to Twilight. “Come on now. Before I wrestle your creepy ghost butt.”

I’m pretty sure you meant to say “hoof”.

An interesting take on the afterlife. Was there any particular mythos you drew inspiration from?


Very good. I'm glad to see a fic where Twilight dies that's popular. I made my own as well. At least her friends are still alive so she can go back to them here.

Huh. All of Twilight’s pretty pessimistic talk on the meaning of life...

Reminds me of Kurzgesagt’s video of their own “philosophy,” so to say, that of optimistic nihilism.

The world is a vast place, and you are but a small part of it, and even then the world is less than even a speck of dust in comparison to the universe. What is the meaning of life? On the grand scale of things, we’re nothing more than ants doing their own unimportant things, meaningless to the universe, which itself has no fundamental ‘meaning’ or ‘value.’ We’re all here because of a cosmic coincidence, and we’ll all be gone someday, forgotten and returned to our base components. Even the longest-lived humans’ lifespans are infinitesimally trivial compared to the billions of years that passed before us and the billions of years that will pass after us.

What, in the face of such a reality, is the meaning of living?

Well, if the universe has no fundamental meaning or value, if it doesn’t care what we do and what happens to us, then we can assign meaning and value. We live, and to us, that is important. We go through our lives, accumulating the countless memories and experiences that will define us and shape us, and even if it means nothing to the universe, it means something to us. We’re all here, feeling, reading, writing, living. It’s okay if the universe is a big, scary place ripe with existential crises. We’re here, and that to us can have value, importance, meaning, if we just choose to do so. Do you play games or read fanfiction and enjoy it, but feel like you’re wasting time? It’s okay, it gives you joy, and that gives it meaning to you. In a universe where there is no objective value, there is nothing but our own subjective values.

I never would have thought that this kind of setting would exist! I saw this and immediately I love how you made this all possible! Well written, such a dramatic and intense little story! My GOSH! This was amazing mang!

I couldn't help myself! Hope ya didnt mind but I had to do a reading on this!

If ya wanna take a look! (https://youtu.be/ESt9qyx8vQo)

(I don't mean for this comment to be offensive in any way if it is somehow!)

That afterlife seems a lot like Hades. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.



I saw this in my YouTube feed. I follow you! :twilightsmile:


In a universe where there is no objective value, there is nothing but our own subjective values.

Yes, but what if you're Harvey Weinstein?

Then the inter-subjective values of society will bring you down.


Mm. Good to know those inter-subjective values are always there for us.

Twilight remembered things. Her time in Equestria. Her time with her friends.

Those things mattered.

Yes, but did she also remember all of her accumulated knowledge and skills she developed in Bunhalla? Because if she did, she just found the infinite experience glitch.

She extended her hand to Twilight.

In a hundred years we will be dead.
But today, we're alive.
GNU Terry Pratchett.

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I’m gonna have to binge your stuff, berg good

See there, you made me cry.

Thank you.


Everybody dies, but first everybody gets to live. :twilightsmile:

Wow, just WOW... I've got to admit that I haven't read any similar story like this one before. It is so DEEP, yet enlightening at the same time. I'd like to translate this excellent story into Chinese and share it on Fimtale. And I'll keep all the relevant information as well.
May I have your permission? :D


Yes, of course! Just please link me to the translation so I can see it when it's done. Thanks so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

Okay. It's done. Here is the link. Thanks for your support!:heart:

Wow... Good... writing there.

(But you used "hand"!)

But that's minor. Insignificant...


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